8 Tips for Working With Auto Mechanics

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8 Ways Your Mechanic Is Ripping You Off





by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Brent

    I am so glad you are active on this front Eyes, in fact on the whole truth front. Dishonesty and the lack of ability to tell truth from falsehood is huge cause of disorder in the world. It just so happens I need to get my car serviced!

  • Mary

    I find a good mechanic by going to a coworker who has a lot of personal interest in cars and car repairs and ask him who he would send his wife to.

    • Sadly, that will offer you little protection.

      • Mary

        Why? Do you think all auto mechanics are dishonest?

        • No, certainly not. But people will take advantage of people who know the least. My advice would be to educate yourself on the basics of your problem or what you have done so you can ask educated questions and know when someone is trying to take advantage of you.

          • Mary

            Yes! That’s a good idea. It sounds as if a multifaceted approach would work best. Know as much as you can about your problem and go to a mechanic with a good reputation.