Expression of the Day

ales_kartal / Pixabay

ales_kartal / Pixabay

What expression do you see here? And why do you believe that is the expression?


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Paul Flanagan

    Contempt, because it’s the classic half smile with one side of the lips pulled up.

  • quantum

    Same as Paul said

  • Dr. LM Jones

    It looks more like regret than contempt to me but if the choice is out of the universal 7, I will say contempt.

  • david blane

    Resignation, and she looks like that because she’s posing for the camera.

  • This is a “classic” contempt expression.

  • Nerezza

    Ah, the universal “Mom, seriously?” face

  • Dest1956

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