Steven Avery Confessed to Prison Mate?

With all the news about politics lately, a letter written by a prison mate of Steven Avery barely made the news.  In January, The Rockford Advocate published a letter written by convicted killer Joseph Evans, Jr. The letter is nine pages long and in the letter Joseph says Avery confessed to killing Halbach.

Whoa!  Right.  Why didn’t this make the news?  The Avery case has been so huge!

Joseph said he talked to Avery for a period of six months and built a friendship with Avery, and that’s how he got the confession.  He also says he is a new Christian and felt obligated to come forward with this story now.

He tells a story that may be offensive for some people read.  Be cautioned.

Here is a link to the letter.

What do you see when you read it? says that both men were housed together for a period of time at the same prison.



by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Tracker

    My first thought is I’m alway skeptical of confessions to other inmates. It’s a technique that seem ripe for abuse.

    Upon reading the letter what he said about Brendan Dassey pretty much matched what I thought of him – someone not too bright, someone easily influenced by both Steve Avery and by the police detectives. I didn’t see any of the Netflix shows, I only watched the first interogation video of Brendan. It seemed to me he was tricked and pressured into saying he took part in the actual murder and not the cover up. It makes sense that Steve blames him for getting convicted and that’s why he won’t say anything. [to see the video google “Brendan Dassey Police Interview / Interrogation Part #1 ( Making a Murderer Steven Avery Case )”]

  • ChicagoThoughts

    Reading and seeing are so different. I have much more comfort in visual cues than in written, but how cool to look at the written and guess. Look forward to learning more about the written cues!!

  • Sophie Mccoy

    About 3 pages in, it started to ring untrue for me. Details such as taping over her mouth. Why do that if you know she is dead? And slitting her throat but not much blood. Would there be any blood at all in those throad vessels several hours after death? The shooting of her head, heart and genitals several hours after death. Why risk drawing attention to yourself and a dead body with a bunch of gunshots ringing out needlessly? I do believe Steven Avery is guilty of Theresa’s murder. I just don’t think I believe this confession is genuine or, rather, I don’t believe all these details are genuine. Interested to see what Eyes thinks.

  • To me, the details make sense because Steven Avery is not smart. He thinks he is, but he’s not. It makes sense that he cut her after killing her because one of the big refutations of him cutting her was that there was no blood in the bedroom and cutting someone’s throat would cause blood to spray all over if they were alive. Shooting her dead body sounds like something a sadistic psychopath would do just to do it. She was an object to him. Same reason for cutting her. Because he felt like it. This account of this poor woman’s murder makes much more sense than anything I heard in the Netflix documentary. Part of the reason people had trouble believing he killed Teresa is because so many nonsensical things happened. But this inmate’s explanation makes sense to me. Having worked with teenagers who have very low IQs, Brandon’s actions and reactions also make sense to me. Very sad. I hope Avery dies in prison.

  • Valerie Sherrard

    I find too much to doubt to believe this is authentic. For one thing, the idea that Avery confessed his guilt during what was their very first meeting was extremely suspect. Any inmate would know better than to trust a stranger, and that would be especially true for someone who had previously done time. As well, the grammar and spelling throughout both the handwritten and typed sections are inconsistent, and suggest to me someone who is making deliberate errors to look uneducated, while it is clear in other places that is not the case.

  • Strawberry

    But what do you think Eyes?

  • Ray Finn

    I dont get the mindset. Why does joe care so much about the public? after what he did?

  • melinda

    I couldn’t read it very thoroughly without starting to get angry because it seems untruthful.

    In the explanatory letter, Evans says he’s asking nothing except the public acknowledge the victim — then mentions the Dassey case as if it were an afterthought. In the typed story, however, his motivation for clearing Dassey in the first meeting with Avery is *either* that Dassey didn’t really do it, or that as a prison convert to Christianity he is concerned for Avery’s well-being. He never again mentions the victim or expresses any sympathy for her.

    That’s at least three different motivations, all by page 2.

    The initial conversation Evans recounts is extremely specific, but it’s not the way people talk. Unnatural.

    The segue to the part about Avery showing Dassey Teresa Halbach’s vagina is bizarre. Yet this scene finally sounds true. It’s realistic because it’s such a vivid sensory image. It also seems as if Evans enjoys this image, because it doesn’t belong here but he brought it up, and later he repeats it.

    A few other thoughts:

    * After she’s probably already dead from being choked, why would Avery tie her up more thoroughly?

    * Why are there two times when he’s not sure if she’s dead?

    * As another commenter said, why does Avery get duct tape and rope for someone who is already dead?

    * Why did they cut the throat of an already dead woman? (Hint, they didn’t. This is when they actually killed her.)

    * He says he had sex with her probably dead body for 1.5 hours. There are no mentions of any postmortem changes in the body, such as reflexive muscle actions, and he says that he sodomized the body, but at death, a person pees and poops because the sphincters no longer work to hold in waste. There’s no mention of her releasing waste.

    * Do we have reason to think that Avery is a necrophiliac? Seems very unlikely, and it’s pretty unusual. It seems more likely that what he wanted was to experience power over Teresa Halbach while she was alive, then killed her so she couldn’t report the crime. This is more common. Two quite different things.

    * When Avery supposedly told Dassey that Halbach was dead, wouldn’t Dassey have been upset at the revealed information that he’d just had sex with a dead person? His reaction is not mentioned. By now, Halbach would likely have felt abnormally cold to touch for Dassey. There is still no mention of any postmortem changes.

    I’m sure there are more inconsistencies and problems, but these are the ones I see initially.