Sean Spicer “Equally Involved”

I was watching TV last night when Sean Spicer’s press conference was discussed from earlier in the day.  When they posted the text of what he said, I about fell off my chair!

Can you see why?  I will share my thoughts in the comment section in the coming days.

Liars never realize their subconscious slips speak so loud and reveal so much.





by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Cheryl Samuelson

    I’m sure that was a confession. Thanks for this.

  • Catherine Lesinski

    He slipped when he said other countries were “equally involved” and then tried to backtrack with “not equally”. Plus, there’s the hedge words “probably” and “potentially” when talking about what Trump BELIEVES.

  • Julia

    “…potentially….” The story is a work in progress.

  • Tracker

    There were two distinct sets of malware on the DNC servers, and an internal leak has never been ruled out. So the possibilities are: Russia did it, another foreign actor (state or otherwise) with enough expertise and resources did it, two distinct foreign actors did the hacking and only one of the leaked to Wikileaks, or it was leaked internally and/or any combination of the preceding hacking possibilities. I encourage everyone to look up the political background of the private company Crowdstrike that determined it was Russia (the FBI nor the DHS or anyone else did not examine the servers) and how they incorrectly blamed Russia for hacking before, and also read the unclassified version of the intelligence community report called “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”. That report spends about 1.5 pages talking about electronic hacking while not addressing any concerns I mentioned previously, and 10+ pages talking about mean things said about the US government on Russian TV.

    I’m not sure what you guys think he’s lying about. How did this Russia conspiracy go down? Flynn went to a super secret meeting with Putin that was broadcast worldwide, then said “just have Roger Stone tweet to my guy Guccifer 2.0 when I can send to emails to Julian”? No matter what scenario you can come up with that Trump was involved in hacking the DNC it’s going to sound like an Alex Jones tin foil hat conspiracy theory.

    • Mojopo

      But here’s the thing: they did indeed infiltrate voter data and we’ve not had a proper audit. The scope of such an audit is very time intensive, because each state and county has their own quirks.

      I’m not suggesting s tin foil hat conspiracy, but we should be incredibly alarmed at the Russian’s capabilities and that the current administration won’t even acknowledge what our own intelligence communities have discovered. According to every hearing on the matter, there is no question that Russians, by Putin’s direction, attempting to swing our last election. No doubt at all. We know who did it and why, and we have had no information regarding safeguards, much harder sanctions against Russia, or ways to combat these attacks against our democracy,

      • Tracker

        “According to every hearing on the matter, there is no question that Russians, by Putin’s direction, attempting to swing our last election. No doubt at all.” – Yes, there is reason to doubt. The DHS released another report in December called “GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity”, which they gave a list of IP addresses that may be connected with Russian hacking. The IP addresses were TOR (short for The Onion Router) exit nodes. That basically means that attack could have originated anywhere in the world. Any hacker in any part of the world would use the TOR network to launch their attacks. Yet they blame it on Russia. Look up an article called “THE U.S. GOVERNMENT THINKS THOUSANDS OF RUSSIAN HACKERS MAY BE READING MY BLOG. THEY AREN’T” for a more thorough explanation (also worth checking out is an article titled “US Govt Data Shows Russia Used Outdated Ukrainian PHP Malware”). They may have iron clad proof, but if there is it’s classified. Publically there has been no evidence presented that Russia is even behind the attacks. To me when they conflate mean things said on Russian TV and Facebook spam with electronic hacking like the DNC hack that is a huge tip off that it might be BS.

        As far as the local election hacking, information was taken not altered. They were not sophisticated attacks and it didn’t appear the hackers were looking for anything specific. There’s plenty of individuals right here in this country that would try to hack local officials just for the challenge. These type of attacks happen to governments and businesses all the time and has been happening for decades, to say Putin was behind these attacks is incredibly disingenuous.

        Besides there being no evidence the other big reason to remain skeptical is history. Most people know the WMDs in Iraq claim was bogus, but did you know Obama lied about an imminent genocide threatened by Gaddafi before instituting the no fly zone, effectively forcing regime change? Did you know that the evidence actually suggests Assad wasn’t behind the 2013 Ghouta sarin attack?

        Did you know that in the past 2 weeks US forces shot down a Syrian jet (first “air-to-air” downing in 20 years) and that Russia said they won’t hesitate to shoot down our military aircraft? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a better relationship with Russia so we don’t start WW3 in Syria or Ukraine?

        • So many off-topic justifications. “Other people may have done bad things in the past, did you know that?” has no bearing on the discussion taking place here. Trump told donors, “The next time, we’re going to win the old-fashioned way.” Whatever he meant, it rhetorically means “this time” “we” didn’t win the “old-fashioned way.” My understanding of “the old-fashioned way” is one person, one vote. No interference by any foreign governments. The will of the people matching the outcome (i.e. the popular vote matches the outcome of the Electoral College.)

          • Tracker

            Ignoring all of the technical arguments I made for the time being, I’m not saying “other people may done bad things in the past”. I’m saying THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE HAVE done this exact same bad thing in the past. To clarify the exact same people in the media, and while I don’t know the individuals within the intelligence community I can say the exact same organizations within the intelligence community. These lies and false narratives and distortions always seem to lead to regime change and war, hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced.

          • MsInformed

            Time will tell that you’re probably wrong here.

    • MsInformed

      “How did this Russia conspiracy go down?”That’s what Spicer is lying about. All our intelligence services concur that Russians hacked the election.
      Spicer is lying about what the Trump team will acknowledge because they know what they did.

      • Tracker

        When they say things like “meddling” and “interfering” that also means things like saying mean things on Russian television and alleged Facebook bots. It’s in the report I mentioned, “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”. Of course it’s indisputable that Russia TV says mean things about America. That’s why I want to be specific. There was never any evidence presented that Russia hacked the DNC. Federal agents weren’t allowed to examine the email servers, and the assessment was done by the private company Crowdstrike, a company that on 12-22-16 falsely accused Russia of hacking an Android app used by the Ukrainian military.

        It’s possible they have classified smoking gun proof that Russia hacked the DNC, but skepticism is very reasonable until such evidence is produced.

        • MsInformed

          The evidence of hacking has been presented and written about. 16 intelligence agencies have testified about it to Congress.

          Just stay tuned and please quit denying that there isn’t something rotten going on that the whole Trump crowd lies about.

          • Tracker

            The “17 intelligence agency confirm” trope has always been a lie. Reporters should have realized immediately that Coast Guard intelligence did not have an opinion about the DNC hack, but if common sense wasn’t enough in January James Clapper testified that it was 3 agencies, not 17. Which makes me curious, why did the NYT and the AP just now issue corrections? Literally nothing has changed, why now?

            Regardless intelligence agencies saying so is not evidence. Go ahead and try to find such evidence, if it exists they haven’t made it public.


          • The CIA, FBI, and NSA are not credible sources in your opinion? IC “saying so” is not evidence? Saying so = reaching a conclusion. Conclusions are based on evidence. What about the likelihood that evidence is possibly classified and/or to reveal it would compromise other ongoing investigations and/or compromise assets, sources, and relationships with other countries’ IC communities? James Clapper also recently said (May 2017) “[Russia is] only emboldened. They are only going to continue to interfere in our political process. To me, that is the big story here and what American people should be concerned about.” Why would he say “continue to interfere” if he wasn’t certain they HAD in fact already interfered? The narrative that Clapper has somehow dismissed claims of Russian cyberterrorism is a false narrative, evidenced by his own statements. He has only said that before he left the agency, he did not see a “smoking gun,” but also added that there was definitely cause to investigate.

          • Tracker

            The IC has been wrong before. Everyone knows the claims of WMDs to justify the Iraq invasion were bogus. When the Ghouta attack happened in 2013 the IC publically said 1500 were killed, when it was under 500. They said the gas were delivered by missiles from Syrian regime controlled areas, when they were launched from rebel controlled areas. The evidence about Russia hacking the DNC that’s in the public domain is poor. When the public IC reports say “CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence” they are not talking about the DNC hack, they are talking about all cyber attacks, Facebook bots, and mean things said on Russia TV.

            Based on history, based on what’s publically known, there is very good reasons to be skeptical of these claims.

        • “Mean things” is a bizarre equivocation of state sponsored propaganda.

  • Mojopo

    Here’s my take: “Maybe others were involved, or not. It’s equally bad, perhaps, but sort of not. Let’s diminish any sort of problems for Russia, because they own us right now, and I will get back to you.”

    Hi, it’s MJ!

    This Spicer guy is a mess. He’s trying, and failing, to play down any influence Russia had on our last election. This is very bad, in that the WH is giving cover to a foreign adversary who literally did try to swing our election in 2016.

    The Russian bots on social media attempt to downplay this maneuver by engaging in “whataboutism”. “What about the way the US has interfered in elections in other countries?!” They don’t give examples or they never mention who the US was speaking out against. Speaking out against bad people – totalitarians, authoritarians, dictators, scumbags, and terrorist organizations is considered “interference” by bots. Hmm.

    Our current intelligence aganecies are working very hard. The majority of them are ethical, moral and just, and they have been disgraced and called Nazi’s by this idiot president who is terrified of being caught as a traitor, who knows the long arm of justice is following his money and RICO charges are pending.

    I am in no way saying that the US had failed foreign policies in the past. We have, and we owned up to all of them – because we have a free media, unlike Russia! Our administrations also have a changing of the guard, by vote, every four years. Unlike Saudi Arabia, where they cannot vote, even though they are Donald Trump’s new best friend.

    Right now, a foreign adversary is engaging us in a cyberwar and made an impact on a recent election in calculable ways. Intelligence agencies do not start investigating things without some form of evidence. That the WH keeps sidestepping this fact is chilling.

    We have evidence, no doubt. All US intelligence agencies are in agreement: Russia infiltrated voter info in at least 21 states, they staged a propaganda war in order to swing the election for their favored candidate, and they have been working with members of the Trump campaign. Two of his staff had to register as foreign agents! Manafort and Flynn, and tell me when this has ever happened before, when top officials with any campaign had to register like this! It is outrageous to me, and it’s not normal.

    2018 is next year and Trump has said nothing about Putin, nor is he interested in securing our voting system. You know why? Because he won. He liked their help. He thinks they will like his party again in 2018 and 2020. Our president isn’t even remotely interested in acknowledging Russian intervention on our elections, or how they might interfere again. And they will.

    My own voter dats was robbed by Russian hackers, in IL. I’m so angry about that! IL was “patient zero” in the hack. How dare they get away with nosing around in my data, or impacting our machines. I’m pig sick that the president doesn’t care.

    Sean Spicer is a sickening disgrace and should be relived of the honor to wear a US military uniform.

    • Spicer lost all credibility when he went into the White House briefing room and stated that more people watched Trump’s inauguration than any other inauguration “period.” That was disproven by photographic evidence AND TV and streaming ratings data. Trump has shown interest in our voting system. He has recently had his “voter fraud commission” attempt to collect personal data (including the last 4 digits of social security numbers) from registered voters. So far, 40 states have refused to provide anything beyond what is already publicly available.

      • Tracker

        How many people say it streamed? Sure it may be because more people had the capability to watch it, but more people did watch his inauguration.