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Body Language Study

This is an interesting video clip not simply because Trump forgot to put his hand up to his chest, but for two other reasons. One is that Melania has to nudge Trump. But there is another reason. What other reason do you see? I will share my thoughts in the comment section within the next […]

Be Warned: Fake Kidnapping Scam

Law enforcement is warning people nationally about a scam that is happening across the U.S. A person calls and tells you that your loved one has been kidnapped, and instructs you to get money or your loved one dies with a bullet to the head! Then they get you to drive your car all over […]

CBS 60 Minutes: Fake News

Link for article: CBS 60 Minutes CBS 60 Minutes did an interesting segment on fake news this past weekend.  Did you get a chance to see it?  If not, I highly recommend it. Every fake news story discussed on this show was presented to me by one of my readers asking me if the story […]