Surfer’s Injury: Shark Attack?

Sophia Raab tells a story of getting an injury while surfing off of Sunset Beach. According to KCAL, she originally thought it was a fin injury but then her doctor told her it was likely a shark bite.

Watch Raab tell her story. It’s fascinating! I believe by watching her we can see what she truly believes.

What do you see when you watch her?

Are you emotionally intelligent?

adriantarsukoff / Pixabay

adriantarsukoff / Pixabay

There is so much information on the Internet today, you probably feel like I do: it’s information overload. And if you are a specialist in one area or another, you see there is a lot of misinformation out there as well. It’s rampant and staggering!

I specifically see a lot of inaccurate information about understanding human behavior, spotting deception and emotional intelligence.  So many people are trying to sell you ways to be emotionally more intelligent, and most of it is nonsense.

But I did see this article today and I thought it was very well written:

15 signs that you’re emotionally intelligent, even if it doesn’t feel like it

Give it a read.I agree these are signs of an EI person! Of course there is more, but if you tick these off–it’s a great sign!


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What You Reveal: Answer

jarmoluk / Pixabay

Last week, I wrote about my experience in buying a new car. Every Hyundai dealer I went into had the same exact approach. They would greet me, talk to me a minute and then they all asked me to sit down. Next they would want my name, address, etc. so they could contact me again.

I asked last week what information a salesman can glean from you at this point.

If I am a salesman, I want to know as much as I can about you, my customer, and the sooner I can get information about you, the faster I can act to close a deal by meeting your and my needs.  I also want to identify easy sales from more challenging ones, right?

These simple, benign requests, will reveal a lot about a person in just a minute or two of time!

If I were to ask every customer to sit, I would immediately take notice of the customers who follow my instructions.   If they sit and even better, give me all the information I ask for, I know right away, this person is much more likely to follow my lead (I’m in the driver’s seat so-to-speak), be open to suggestions (up selling), and wants to be polite and pleasing so I can sell MORE and MORE!

That’s the perfect customer who has the highest likelihood to sign on the dotted line for a much higher price than a person who questions me along the way or doesn’t follow my instruction.

I suspect you can guess what I did at that time. I gave them no name, no address, no information, and no, thank you, I don’t want to sit.  I see it this way: I am the paying customer. I am paying you to be there to service me and my needs, not the other way around.  I will only give you information that benefits me!

So the next time you are a customer buying a product, think twice at what you do and say. Each interaction you have with someone reveals information about you, and that information can and most likely will be used against you!  So remember, what are you revealing?

In sales, it always behooves you to stay in the “drivers seat”:  You be in control.  You call the shots and not the other way around.

Shopping for a new car?

jaygeorge / Pixabay

jaygeorge / Pixabay

I’ve been shopping for a new car lately, and it seems every time I enter into a dealer, the approach on how to get a good deal on a car changes. Even the sales techniques change.

This time, I went to Hyundai dealers and one thing was funny: They all had the same approach. They would greet me at the door, and then ask me to sit.  Next they’d want information such as my name, address, etc. and they’d take that information down.

It’s a great sales approach, not because they get your information, or attend to you, the customer.

They also asked me to sit when I finished test driving the vehicle as they went to get their manager.

The salesman are employing a technique here, which I suspect is very intentionally, and a good salesman will immediately have knowledge about you in that short interaction.  And that information isn’t from any information you give to them.

What information do you reveal?

Check back in a few days when I reveal the answer.

Home Invasion Suspect Says Sorry

Caleb Williams, 21, broke into a home with two other people. He knew people were home when he went in. In this interview, he says he is sorry about what he did.

Do you believe him?

I think this interview will cause a split in how people see him. I suspect it will be pretty divided. What do you think? Do you think Caleb is honest or lying?

You can read the news story here.