Chase’s Expression

chase surprise

Yesterday I asked viewers who caught Chase’s microexpression on the Bachelorette Monday night. And only one viewer identified it after many people responded.

The expression is above, and the information revealed (that Chase is surprised) allows us to match Chase’s words to his facial expression and know if he is truthful.

Was Chase truthful to Jojo in this interaction?

Chase’s Telling Expression On The Bachelorette


Who caught the microexpression that Chase made when Jojo gave him the boot in the fantasy suite on Monday night?

It was very telling, fascinating and interesting to see!

Who knows what it was?

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Note: The photo above is not of the microexpression.

What Microexpression does Ann Curry Make?

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See answer in comment section in the coming days.

Clearly there is TENSION so thick you could cut it with a knife between Ann Curry and Matt Lauer. It supports that Matt Lauer likely had something to do with Ann Curry departing the Today Show!  

Thanks, J.A., for

Shannon Price: It is a Microexpression

I watched an interview with Shannon Price on Entertainment Tonight earlier this week and I discussed how Shannon grins when she talks about what it was like to take Gary Coleman off of life support. It was flat out haunting, and at that time, I wondered if Shannon’s grin was a microexpression.

For me, at times, I have a hard time distinguishing if something is real-time or a quick-fleeting microexpression–I suspect because it is hard to know what others can’t see when you can see it. I hope that makes sense.

So to answer the question, officially, I contacted Dr. David Matsumoto, an expert in microexpressions, and he informed me that yes, this was indeed, a microexpression.

Dr. David Matsumoto also wrote, “…did you see the micro disgust around 00:39? There is also a unilateral disgust around 1:45.

Thanks, Dr. Matsumoto, for sharing your expert opinion! I enjoy following Dr. Matsumoto’s work.

Misty Croslin Expresses Disgust

This is a video of Misty, taken shortly after Haleigh disappeared, that has continually played in my head since I saw it over a week ago. I noticed what I suspect is a microexpression of disgust when Misty says, “I seen the kitchen light on.”

Misty is truly distraught, but I can’t figure out why she has feelings of disgust when she talks about the kitchen light being on. This emotion flashes for a fraction of a second. If Misty found the front door open, and the kitchen light on, as she tells us, I would expect to see fear or concern on her face, but instead, I see disgust.

Read moreDid Misty at some point walk in on something horrible that happened in the kitchen that, perhaps, involved Haleigh? She seems to be feeling an emotion, that upon first glance, is inconsistent with the story she is telling us. It makes me wonder what we don’t know. Is Misty leaving out some details? Are the events she is describing from another night, and not the night Haleigh went missing?

I don’t know the answers. I just know I have more questions. I want to know what disgusted Misty. It’s perplexing.

Many of you have questioned if Misty is truly crying here. I believe the answer is yes. Her tears and emotions of sadness are genuine.