Be Warned: Fake Kidnapping Scam

Law enforcement is warning people nationally about a scam that is happening across the U.S. A person calls and tells you that your loved one has been kidnapped, and instructs you to get money or your loved one dies with a bullet to the head! Then they get you to drive your car all over town to wire money promising you this will ensure the safe return of your loved one. They don’t allow you time to get off your phone and call your loved one or anyone else!

Worse, as seen in the scam above, they have gotten both parents involved.

Don’t think because you don’t have little children that this can’t happen to you. It’s happening to parents of college-age children, and children in their twenties.

When I search the news, I am seeing cases from coast-to-coast being reported on by major news networks. This California station gives you information from the FBI on what to do should you get a call like this! It’s a helpful article.

These criminals are playing on people’s emotions. And I’ve always said when people are emotional, their ability to spot the truth plummets dramatically. It’s when people are emotional that they will do things that they normally wouldn’t do and criminals are harnessing that human frailty.

Beware of the Booster Bag Scam

Thanks, SM, for sharing this with me! 

Stay safe!

Scam: You hit my car!!

An Eyes for Lies reader wrote to me the other day to share a scam she experienced.  I wanted to share what she wrote so you can learn from her experience–in case you get caught in the same situation!

Something bad happened to me the other day. I want to thank you for educating me with your blog and FB. Because of you, I was able to protect myself…   A very nice family, man, wife and 12