Bachelor Nick Viall’s Expression of the Day

Here is a great facial expression for you made by Nick as he is sitting with Corrine from the Bachelor last night.  Nick is making a telling expression!

Do you know what it is?

The only question I have now is who is Nick feeling this for?  Corrine?  Or the photographer? Or perhaps someone he is looking at when the photo was taken?

I love watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette because while much of the show may be staged, the reactions of people are not!  And this is one example of a leak in how Nick was feeling.

There was a lot of jealousy expressed on the show last night, too. Did you catch it?

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a very happy holiday full of love and joy!

Thank you for sharing in my journey with me.


More DNA Tests Ordered in JonBenet Ramsey Case

Did you read the latest news that D.A. Stan Garnett is going to test DNA again in the Ramsey case?

I’m thrilled to hear that!

I don’t know if they are going to do traditional DNA testing or more “touch” DNA, but at least they aren’t standing by the former D.A. Mary Lacy, who declared the Ramseys were cleared in 2009 because the trace or “touch” DNA found on JonBenet’s leggings didn’t match anyone in the family.

I told you back then I felt that was “reckless” of the D.A. and now the results are finally coming out!

News agencies are saying that the report given to Lacy about the “touch” DNA  from the lab didn’t even support her conclusions!

And furthermore, they weren’t even sure they had the DNA of one person, meaning multiple DNA segments may have been gathered erroneous and assumed to be one single profile!  You can read more here.

I smelled a rat back then and I was right.

Read my thoughts in the comment section here and in the post here:

Eyes for Lies:  “News reports are saying this DA who cleared the Ramseys is the same one who went after John Mark Karr as the killer, and flew him home all the way from Thailand on tax payers dollars.  I don’t think this woman follows proper protocols when it comes to investigations. She seems to make a lot of assumptions.”

Read my analysis on John Mark Karr here (10 years ago)

I knew there were too many inconsistencies in the Ramsey family to vindicate them. Period. And I knew “touch” DNA could easily be transferred if it was just “skin cells”.

In JonBenet Ramsey’s case, the DNA on her underwear could have come from kids at the party the night before her murder which she inadvertently transferred  there herself! We can’t rule that out.

Kids touch everything!!

According to this article, the average person sheds 40,000 skin cells an hour!!

Imagine how cells would transfer among a group of children playing in just one hour and think about how far they could travel!

Hence, you cannot exclude someone because their “touch” DNA wasn’t found on a source!  It’s illogical.

Until we understand “touch” DNA better, we need to be careful!!!

Anyway, I am so happy the truth is coming out more that the “Ramseys” are not officially cleared! It’s about time!! Though I think the Ramseys haven’t build anyone’s confidence over the years by their behavior.

I never believed we have gotten the truth from them from day one!

Read the latest news here.

Another Strange Story by Eyes For Lies

valelopardo / Pixabay

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you heard I went to the doctor earlier this month.  I had troubling symptoms that concerned me because my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer at my age and died within three years.

The good news is the doctor wasn’t concerned because my symptoms had slowly resolved in the month and a half it took for me to see her! While I was visiting her, she suggested some routine screening tests and said why don’t you get them out of the way since you are here.

I agreed.  No big deal.

So tests were taken and results were sent to me. Everything was normal.

I was happy until I received the bill and saw I was given two tests, one of which I wasn’t even informed about.  And my bill came from the pathology lab. It was whopping $216.00.

After opening the bill, I was annoyed, put it down and walked away.  As I was walking away, it hit me.

Wait a minute!!

That’s a routine test. It’s a health screen and under the new Obama laws for healthcare, I was not supposed to be charged for that!

So yesterday, I picked up the phone and called the pathology lab directly. I gave them my name, and their account number for my test.

I said to the woman that I have a bill for $216.00, and I am wondering why there is no payment for insurance showing up–that this is a routine screening test and it should be 100% covered by insurance.

Without a second pause, she said, “Oh, you don’t owe us this.  Your balance is zero.”


The lack of pause in her speech caught my attention.  You show no payment by my insurance, you don’t even show my insurance information and you know immediately I don’t owe this bill?!

It smelled so rotten.

I could see it playing out in my head: Pathology lab doesn’t like the Obama laws, so they ignore them, ignore the insurance completely and if they get caught by someone like me, they just play dumb. We didn’t get any insurance, sorry.   So their game?  They simply bill patients knowing that probably more than 60-70% of people will just diligently pay the bill without knowing the laws or realizing insurance wasn’t applied.  That’s very lucrative for the lab!  Much more lucrative then them filling out insurance forms, submitting them and getting a lesser agreed upon amount!


I said to the woman, “Are you sure I don’t owe a dime?”   She replied, “Yes, I am printing you a receipt right now and will put it in the mail.”

We hung up.  I was stunned.

That wasn’t the end of it, though.

About four minutes after I hung up, I get a call and on my caller ID it says from “P.E.”  I typically don’t answer calls I don’t know, but I knew it was the lab calling back! I just knew it.

So I answer, and you guessed it. It’s the lab.

The woman I just spoke to says to me that she doesn’t have any of my insurance information, could I kindly give it to her?

I knew it!!!!!  If she didn’t have my insurance, how could she even say that I didn’t owe it????? Not all insurances cover both tests!

She couldn’t. She knew there was insurance, but probably didn’t take down the information from the doctor’s office because why bother? It’s wasted time in this profit scam!  Or she lost the paperwork, or didn’t want to dig for it.  One of those.

It was only important to them now that I was educated and NOT paying. Before that they didn’t care at all, they just billed everyone with disregard to the fact some may have insurance that covers everything, because its so very, very profitable for them to do that.


Want to learn more about how you can be taken at the doctor?
Read this!

Saroo Brierley: Two Different Stories

60 Minutes Australia, above

CBS 60 Minutes aired the fascinating story of Saroo Brierley, who at the age of 5, was a child beggar.  Looking for his brother, who was out of sight after waking up from a nap on bench, he climbed on to a train looking for his brother in India, and ended up in the city of Calcutta, a foreign place to him where people spoke a different language. Without knowing his last name or the city of residence, and afraid of police because they didn’t take kindly to beggars,  Saroo tried to survive on the streets until someone brought him to an orphanage. Eventually, Saroo got adopted by an Australian family at the age of six.

By age 19, Saroo never forgot his birth family and images from his childhood. He was determined to find out where he came from. So using Google earth, he traced all the tracks that ran out of Calcutta looking for landmarks he remembered such as damn, water tower and the station where he used to go.  After six years, Saboo finally found his home, and reunited with his mother and siblings, only to find the brother he was begging with that day was hit and killed by a train.

What is interesting, however, is if you saw the American CBS 60 Minutes version, there are quite a few differences in the story told by the Australian 60 Minutes.

In the American version, Saroo ended up on a train car all alone for what he said seemed like 24 hours. In the Australian version, they showed him in a train car with other passengers and never mentioned him being “alone”.

In the U.S. version, Saroo goes back to his homeland, and when he arrives in his home city, he recognizes it right away. In the Australian version, he doesn’t immediately recognize it, even doubts if he is in the correct place, but he does eventually find his way home.

In the U.S. story, his childhood home is abandoned. In the Australian version, his childhood home is in rumble.

In the U.S. version, “a man approached who spoke English. Saroo said he was looking for the family that had lived in this house. The man told Saroo to come with him.”

In the Australian version, a man recognizes him from his childhood photograph and leads him to his mum.

Why the dramatic variances on a story if the story is true? Something is off here….

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Here is the transcript from the CBS 60 Minutes in the U.S.