Donald Trump’s Q&A: Vote

This is really interesting to watch Donald Trump get asked a question about antisemitism and xenophobia.

Listen to what Trump says.

Do you think he understand the question asked of him?

He strangely talks about the electoral college instead. If he was just giving a different answer in defiance, I would expect to see some emotional clues in support of him doing that, but I don’t see any, which raises my eyebrows, as Trump is very emotionally driven.

What do you think?

Did you know that Trump is no longer taking questions from the mainstream media? Read more here.

Trump Tweet Leaks Truth

Reading the news this morning, I see Donald Trump has been mad tweeting again today. We can literally watch his emotional responses as he reacts to the news and see for ourselves what bothers him and what doesn’t. That speaks volumes in and of itself.

Trump just can’t contain his tweets nor his emotions.

He tweeted today and that tweet I found to be a fascinating leak in and of itself:

What does that tweet mean?

It means Trump is actually giving validation to the information leaked as legitimate and true.

Now mind you with all the leaks coming out, he is denying that they are true.

So there you can see he’s not being honest with us.

No way, no how.

These two elements are in complete contradiction.






This Product Will Change You!

How many times have you seen in the modern age era a person who claims whether it’s on Facebook, TV or the Internet that they have a product that will change your looks? And you look at the spokesperson and think wow, they look great! And you see them on video, so it has to be true, right? Many people know better, but people still buy into these products on the “hope” that maybe it will be a miracle in a bottle.

Companies make lots of money deceiving people and try to get them to purchase a product on the “dream” of how they could look, but the truth is most products don’t fundamentally change the way we look. They may have minor and temporary effects, but they usually don’t do anything dramatic.

Many thanks to Wayne Goss for making this video and showing you the truth! Check this out. It’s well worth the watch, and thanks to LC for sharing this with me.

Winona Ryder’s Facial Expressions

How about a nice change of topic for today?

David Harbour gave a speech at Screen Actors Guild Awards last night that was quite powerful. It’s a joy to watch him speak in support of unity as our country is being torn apart by hate. But it’s equally fascinating to watch Winona Ryder’s facial expressions here.

She is basically exaggerating her expressions to make sure she is communicating her feelings to people clearly. And she is very expressive–intentionally! Have you ever done this?

Winona expected him to talk about the award and intentionally shows a bewildered look as he changes the direction of his speech. Then she even looks like, “What script are you reading?” She then gives a very subtle smile of approval, if you notice.

Next you see her make an expression, like “Oh my god, wow…” Then she shows tension, a bit of anger and then slowly lifts her hand up in support, after which she shows a total bewildered look again.

She goes on to make a quick expression of fear and surprise, scrunches her nose up in a response of approval (like “ooo”) at another point as she smiles.

It’s quite a fascinating video to listen to what David Harbour says and watch what expressions Ryder makes, don’t you think?

Thanks to CW for sharing this with me.

Bachelor Nick Viall’s Expression of the Day

Here is a great facial expression for you made by Nick as he is sitting with Corrine from the Bachelor last night.  Nick is making a telling expression!

Do you know what it is?

The only question I have now is who is Nick feeling this for?  Corrine?  Or the photographer? Or perhaps someone he is looking at when the photo was taken?

I love watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette because while much of the show may be staged, the reactions of people are not!  And this is one example of a leak in how Nick was feeling.

There was a lot of jealousy expressed on the show last night, too. Did you catch it?