Body Language Study

This is an interesting video clip not simply because Trump forgot to put his hand up to his chest, but for two other reasons. One is that Melania has to nudge
Trump. But there is another reason.

What other reason do you see?

I will share my thoughts in the comment section within the next week.

Facial Expression of the Day

This is quite a funny and fascinating video of a new anchor who is caught off guard.

She makes a universal expression on her face. Do you know what it is?  It’s a supreme example of the emotion, too!


Be Warned: Fake Kidnapping Scam

Law enforcement is warning people nationally about a scam that is happening across the U.S. A person calls and tells you that your loved one has been kidnapped, and instructs you to get money or your loved one dies with a bullet to the head! Then they get you to drive your car all over town to wire money promising you this will ensure the safe return of your loved one. They don’t allow you time to get off your phone and call your loved one or anyone else!

Worse, as seen in the scam above, they have gotten both parents involved.

Don’t think because you don’t have little children that this can’t happen to you. It’s happening to parents of college-age children, and children in their twenties.

When I search the news, I am seeing cases from coast-to-coast being reported on by major news networks. This California station gives you information from the FBI on what to do should you get a call like this! It’s a helpful article.

These criminals are playing on people’s emotions. And I’ve always said when people are emotional, their ability to spot the truth plummets dramatically. It’s when people are emotional that they will do things that they normally wouldn’t do and criminals are harnessing that human frailty.

CBS 60 Minutes: Fake News

Link for article: CBS 60 Minutes

CBS 60 Minutes did an interesting segment on fake news this past weekend.  Did you get a chance to see it?  If not, I highly recommend it.

Every fake news story discussed on this show was presented to me by one of my readers asking me if the story was true or not.  I was astounded I had seen them all through you, my readers. And I did not discuss them publicly because I did not find them credible.

I think there are some basic rules I would suggest to avoid fake news.  Don’t ever consider Facebook or any other social media platform as a source of news unless you are getting it from a trusted source such as BBC or Reuter’s page on FB (if they even have one).  Facebook is not in the business of disseminating news. They are social platform and sell many things in the form of advertising. I disregard all side column articles as paid ads and ignore them, and always have.

When I want news, I go to the main stream media websites directly. They are not fake news sites despite what Trump has told you.  I also read multiple sources to verify stories and facts. When you see a headline like “Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease” if you don’t see  the news on any other website that is reputable in the news industry, you know it’s likely questionable.  The odds are not that you got the story first on some obscure website. Do know that.

I am very picky about sources and I highly recommend you are, too.  Plus, when you click on these fake news sites, I think you run a much higher risk to get a virus as well.  You really don’t know where you are going when you click on some strange website you’ve never heard of. It could Bulgaria or Romania or China trying to influence you.  So think twice before clicking on some tantalizing link.