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It’s not IF you are being lied to, it’s what are you doing about it?  When liars succeed, they erode your confidence and trust.  They destroy relationships, and take advantage of YOU financially and emotionally.  In business, lies cost you sales, lost revenue, a higher risk of fraud and harm reputations. In society, liars wreak havoc on a criminal level, too!

Take back control today and learn from a top-rated, scientifically qualified rare expert. Renee Ellory will teach you how to understand people first and foremost.  She will elevate your emotional intelligence and understanding of ALL people around you, and then she will build on how behavior reveals deception. Renee’s class is TOP-RATED and CHANGES PEOPLE’S LIVES.

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About Renee Ellory

Renee was discovered in a world renowned scientific study by well-known Drs. Paul Ekman and Maureen O’Sullivan.  These scientists tested more than 15,000 people to find the best lie detectors out there. They tested people from Secret Service to the FBI, DEA and NSA (as well as others), and identified only 50 experts worldwide who understand human behavior and can spot liars with exceptional accuracy.  Renee is one of these rare experts.

Thousands of Professionals Trained

Renee has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals from all levels of government in many cities including but not limited to Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu and New York City.  She has spoken to large audiences of 500 people and also speaks to smaller more personal groups as well.

Did you see FOX’s “Lie To Me”?

Lie To Me, a TV-show, was based on the actual work of Drs. Paul Ekman and Maureen O’Sullivan, and the scientific study they did.  Producers created the show about these two scientists, their work and the experts they identified.  The character “Ria Torres” played the “naturals” identified in the study at spotting deception, which Renee is one.

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To prove our confidence in this training, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

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What others say about Renee!

Sgt. Steve Kardian, Former Chief Investigator, New York City Dept. of Investigations

My background includes more than 30 years in law enforcement. The best course in spotting deception I have ever taken in my 32 years in law enforcement.

Sgt. Steve Kardian, Former Chief Investigator, New York City Dept. of InvestigationsLinkedIn
Vic Brown, Deputy Director, HIDTA

The training provided by Eyes was second to none. It stands as the highest rated class we have hosted in the last three years.

Vic Brown, Deputy Director, HIDTALinkedIn
Daren Matteson, Homicide Investigator, California (Retired)

I’ve been in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years…Renee is a woman with great insight into people and behavior. She was able to pinpoint such specific aspects of speech and behavior that rivaled the professionals we used at the FBI on this case. They had the luxury of speaking in-depth with investigators and reviewing hours of interviews. Renee did not.

Daren Matteson, Homicide Investigator, California (Retired)
Nathan Hatch, Detective, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

I have 17 years of experience as a Police Officer and my current job assignment is as a Detective. I’ve attended a lot of training over the years and by far this has been the best training I have ever attended.

Nathan Hatch, Detective, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Erica Feininger

I truly enjoyed this class, and give it a 20 on a scale of 1-10.”

Erica FeiningerTherapist
Paul Santino, Deputy Chief, Customs Border Protection, New York City

It’s rare to have a speaker who is in such command of her material, who is so open and comfortable in her presentation and so generous of her time and talent. I wish you much continued success.

Paul Santino, Deputy Chief, Customs Border Protection, New York CityLinkedIn
Det.Carlos Rutherford, Milwaukee PD

Renee… is the closest thing to a super hero I’ve seen with the gift she was given. I could have listen to her seminar for a week!!! Tons of knowledge and eye opening observations. A must for all law enforcement. One of the best training seminars for spotting deception I’ve seen.

Det.Carlos Rutherford, Milwaukee PD
Truman Dodd, Domestic Violence Unit, Milwaukee PD

It’s truly hard to put into simple words what RENEE’S course has done for my career and my everyday life. I used the techniques that I learned immediately (like the very next day) and was able to detect traits that I would have just simply missed all together. Plus, I was able to get a full confession. It’s not often that you can teach someone something new and it would have such an impact on their life.

Truman Dodd, Domestic Violence Unit, Milwaukee PDLinkedIn

CHANGE your life today!

Don’t let liars take advantage of you again! You deserve more.

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Renee’s insight will change how you interact with people in your life on a personal and professional level. You will learn how to identify key elements in communication and behavior that you never saw before. Participants of Renee’s class say they feel like they learned a “whole new language” after taking this class. This class truly changes people.

Video Testimonial by Erica

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Come and learn real cutting-edge facts about human behavior and deception from a rare expert who has been identified and studied by scientists. Renee Ellory, known as “Eyes for Lies”, has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals across the U.S. and is exceptional at pinpointing, explaining and identifying human behavior.

She’s also stellar at identifying liars. Renee can tell you why she doesn’t trust someone on the spot. Most people don’t realize the vast amount of clues people reveal in communication and that liars leave behind in their wake; not only do their words betray them, but so do their emotions, body language, and behavior.

Renee does not teach the typical myths such as eye aversion, closed-off body language, blinking rates, nervousness, etc. These only divert attention away from spotting the truth. Instead, Renee gives people the tools to understand human behavior first and foremost, and then she builds on how our behavior reveals deception.

Deception affects every single one of our lives on a daily basis. Are you aware of when it does?

You may think you are in control of your emotions, body language, behavior and words spoken, but the truth is you are not. Our mind and body literally betrays us on a subconscious level when we lie, it’s just few people know what to look for (but good liars do and they use it against you). And understanding these clues also help you identify truthful people! Imagine being able to spot people you can trust as well as those who have ill-intentions. Your confidence will soar!

Milwaukee class March 2016

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This class is for people who are VERY SERIOUS about wanting to understand human behavior and spot deception at a whole new level. It’s for people who want to be the best!

It doesn’t matter what type of lie is being told, Renee’s methods will expose people personally and professionally.

Renee will teach you the real and most reliable clues to understand human behavior and how to spot a liar–subconscious slips that people make unknowingly, and cannot control.

So if you are a business professional, investigator, salesman, HR hiring manager, healthcare worker, lawyer, journalist, or everyday person troubled by relationship issues, Renee’s class will help you see the world very differently–for the better! You will never look at people the same way again after this class. You will know who you can trust and who you cannot quickly. Be sure you are prepared.

This class elevates people’s emotional intelligence.

Please note that most cases discussed in the class will involve major crimes, mostly murder, because these criminals display the best public source to see the clues. But the clues revealed and demonstrated expose all people across all lies that are told from business lies to criminal lies to relationship lies.

See what people have said about Renee’s course here.

If you want the best course on the market today, this is your course. Renee offers a 100% money-back guarantee because she’s that confident you will find this course valuable.

To see the course outline and content, please contact Renee and ask for a flyer.

Video Testimonial by Brent

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Best Class on the Market

Renee is consistently told that her class ranks as one of the best courses on the market todayeven by the most seasoned law enforcement investigators.

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