Facial and Personality Profiling

Imagine looking at a face and being able to quickly and accurately identify personality traits of the person standing before you without even asking them a question.  To most people this sounds surreal or psychic, but it’s not.  Don’t be quick to judge! Read the science behind this here.

In very simple terms, if we put two photos of men in front of you, one of the face of an NFL player, and the other a face of a musician, do you think you could identify which person was the pro athlete?

The odds are exceedingly high you would do this successfully. Why? Because you have probably become familiar with facial features of NFL pro athletes to know they typically have broad faces and necks, which is due to high testosterone.  Musicians, on the other hand, often don’t have wide necks and faces.

You know it intuitively, don’t you?

You are utilizing what is called “pattern matching”–recalling the features and traits of one group of people, and applying it to another group of people.  We all do this to varying degrees.

The difference between Renee and the average person, however, is Renee sees many more detailed elements about people than most.  Plus, she is exceptional at reading facial expressions, emotions, and demeanor at lightening fast speeds. With that, she can extrapolate a wealth of information about a person in minutes through quick logical deduction.

Utilizing facial profiling, Renee can help many people and professionals by sharing insight into someone before they invest in them to ensure the very best outcome possible.