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Scientists have studied 15,000 people
over the course of two decades, and have identified
only 50 experts who can spot deception with exceptional accuracy.
Renee, known as “Eyes for Lies” is one of these experts.

Looking for an expert to spot deception?

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Then you’ve come to the right place.  Naturally, you want the best deception detection expert available, and there is only one way to guarantee it:  Find a scientifically qualified expert. Renee has been put to the test, and scored better than 99.66% of the 15,000 people in a large scientific study which spanned more than two decades [Ekman & O'Sullivan].

Many people claim to be good at deception, but research shows that just because someone believes they are good does not mean they actually are. Confidence in one’s ability to spot deception does not correlate to actual ability.  Furthermore, scientists have found that on-the-job experience working in fields with high exposure to deceptive individuals does not equate to better lie detection abilities either.

However, research and scientific study can guarantee whether or not someone is skilled in lie detection by putting them to the test…why not harness it?


  • Deception Detection

    It’s not a matter of if you are being lied to, it is more a question of what are you doing about it?

  • Training

    Do you wish you and your team could spot deception better?   Consider Renee’s top-notch class.

  • Guest Speaker

    Do you have a conference or event coming up where you need a speaker?

  • Facial Profiling

    Have you read the scientific studies on personality identification at zero acquaintance?  Scientists are finding out first impressions really do have significance.  Read more


Sgt. Steve Kardian, Former Chief Investigator, New York City Dept. of Investigation and CNN Correspondent

My background includes more than 30 years in law enforcement. It is exceptionally rare to come across a person that can recognize deception and can explain and qualify her assessment with such a high degree of accuracy. I would highly recommend Renee to any law enforcement agency or media outlet looking for a high probability assessment as it relates to truth, lies and deception.

Sgt. Steve Kardian, Former Chief Investigator, New York City Dept. of Investigation and CNN Correspondent
Vic Brown, Deputy Director, HIDTA

The training provided by Renee was second to none. It stands as the highest rated class we have hosted in the last three years.

Vic Brown, Deputy Director, HIDTA