About Renee

Renee has been designing and developing corporate training for two decades as a multimedia specialist.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Education with a specialty in Instructional Design.

In her career, she has designed and developed nationally-deployed training programs for McDonald’s Corporation, Boston Market, United Airlines, Brunswick, and ABN AMRO, just to name a few companies.

When Renee found out she had a unique ability to spot deception, and started analyzing cases publicly online, it wasn’t long before she attracted the attention of law enforcement professionals from across the country, who began seeking her out to consult on their cases. When they read her analyses online, they could see that she offered valuable insight. They started asking for training, and saw immediate value in Renee’s approach.

Within no time, Renee was traveling around the country training law enforcement personnel exclusively in privately hosted classes.  Today, Renee has expanded her client base by sharing her knowledge with corporate professionals as well.

Renee’s training combines not only a solid academic approach to learning through the use of Instructional Design principles, but it gives people a rare opportunity to experience a course from an expert in human behavior and deception.  Most instructors teach what they have learned from other people. In this course, participants will learn from the expert herself.  There is no other class like Renee’s on the market today.


Two scientists, Drs. Maureen O’Sullivan and Paul Ekman, wanted to find people who were good at understanding each other.  They reasoned that if one person can spot lies in another, he must be good at understanding others.  Over a span of more than two decades, these scientists tested more than 15,000 people to find experts in human behavior and deception detection.

When they first started out with the research, they had a hard time finding people who could pass their test.  College students and the general population did dismally at spotting deception, so they reasoned that people who had a natural talent at understanding others were likely drawn to certain professions where they have to read people for a living. With that, the scientists set out to test psychologists, lawyers, arbitrators, and judges.  They also tested law enforcement groups including the Secret Service, the FBI, the DEA, and the CIA.

Finding these experts proved to be challenging–even among law enforcement.  Over the two decades of study, they discovered only 50 people–less than 1% of the people tested–who could spot deception with high accuracy.

The research project was affiliated with the University of San Francisco and has been cited in many professional journals.  The experts identified in this study can identify clues to deception that 99.66% of the population miss.

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