About Renee

Renee is a rare expert in human behavior, emotions and deception detection. She was identified in a large scientific research study [Ekman and O’Sullivan] that tested more than 15,000 people over two decades to find people who truly understood other people. They reasoned that one of the best ways to test if one person truly understands another person is to see if they can spot lies with a high degree of accuracy.

The scientists test people from the CIA to the Secret Service to the FBI. They tested sheriffs, mixed law enforcement, psychologists, lawyers, arbitrators, and every day people.

Out of the 15,000 people tested, they were able to identify ONLY 50 people with an exceptional ability to understand others and spot deception with high accuracy.

Dr. Maureen O’Sullivan, who was an expert in emotional intelligence, called these people emotionally intelligent geniuses. Renee is one of the 50 experts identified.

Renee works with corporations, professionals and law enforcement nationally to help people understand others. With her high emotional intelligence, she is able to utilize her abilities in many ways for the benefit of others.


Before Renee found out that she had a gift to understand human behavior and spot lies, she designed and developed corporate training for over a decade as a Multimedia Instructional Design Specialist.  She designed and developed nationally-deployed training programs for McDonald’s Corporation, Boston Market, United Airlines, Brunswick, and ABN AMRO, just to name a few companies.

Once Renee found out she had a unique ability to spot deception, and started analyzing cases publicly, it wasn’t long before she attracted the attention of law enforcement professionals from across the country, who began seeking her out to consult on their cases. When they read her analyses, they could see that she offered valuable insight. They started asking for training, and upon delivery saw an immediate value in Renee’s approach.

Within no time, Renee was traveling around the country training federal, state and local law enforcement personnel exclusively in privately hosted classes.  Today, Renee has expanded her client base by sharing her knowledge with corporate professionals as well.

Renee holds a Master of Science degree in Education with a specialty in Instructional Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a minor in Political Science.