How can Renee help you?

Renee can partner with you to…

Train YOU or your team to…

        • Spot deception with improved proficiency and understanding
        • Understand human behavior on a whole new level
        • Read and understand emotions

and provide consulting to…

        • Understand human behavior
        • Expertly expose lies
        • Confidently identify truths to build a foundation
        • Speed up investigations saving time, money and resources
        • Identify hidden motivations/intentions/beliefs that could pose risk
        • Identify hidden character weaknesses and vulnerabilities
        • Identify best candidates in high stake and investment
        • Assess how people are responding in real time
        • Dynamically change the course of interactions at the first micro signal of change
        • Help people communicate and ensure messages are appropriately sent and received
        • Aid in negotiations, and prevent critical leaks in communication