Deception Detection Services

Renee offers the most qualified, professional and discreet lie detection service on the market today.

Renee can look at your person of interest, and can hone into deception quickly–qualifying why she doesn’t believe someone within minutes of key questions being asked.   She is able to pinpoint inconsistencies in behavior that most people, even seasoned professionals, miss. She can give you a character assessment on the spot.

Renee can assess your person of interest in person, or she can watch an interview on video. She is also able to analyze written words.

While the average polygraph takes several hours, Renee can provide you an immediate assessment in real time to help guide your interview, investigation or meeting.

Unlike a polygraph, where the person examined knows they are being investigated, with Renee you can get an answer without anyone knowing.

Renee understands human behavior on the deepest of levels and is considered to be an emotional genius by scientists.