Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau

Many of you have asked me to look at the Barbara Walters interview of Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau. Many people saw a lot of emotions in Vili which they weren’t sure how to interpret.

When I watched Vili, I see a man trying to find himself after living a very chaotic life.  I see a man who is still discovering who he is, who is confused about how society let him get into the situation he was in and has now ultimately ended up.

Vili explained in the interview that no one helped him through this difficult time.  Even school counselors didn’t seem to know how.  Plus he didn’t have a good support system in place at home either.

Furthermore, Vili said, “I don’t support younger kids being married or having a relationship with someone older. I don’t support it.”

This clearly indicates that Vili likely wouldn’t chose to live the life he has to date with Mary Kay Letourneau, if he could chose again, knowing what he knows today. And yet he has stayed.  I wonder if he feels he has no one else? The world can be a lonely place. And then he has faced depression.

Mary Kay seems clueless about it.  She seems to believe that by doing this interview she would convince the world they found “true love”. I am not sure Mary Kay even understands what love is, sadly. I see her as someone who goes through the motions, without forming true attachments. She clearly has a lot of issues herself, and is not the mentor Vili needs.

I think Mary Kay lives in an illusion, and Vili in confusion.

Mary Kay acted more like a mom then a wife to Vili–answering questions for both of them, and Villi seems to have gotten used to these dynamics. Why wouldn’t he? He was taken in by a woman who took advantaged and preyed him when he was very young and vulnerable.

I think we can assume the only positive support Vili got in his life was from Mary Kay (where the word  positive is clearly debatable), and if she was his best option, you can understand his dire circumstances and confusion today as an adult.

I think Mary Kay has intellectual challenges, too, and perhaps Vili is slowly uncovering he may be the gifted one between the two of them. Without guidance, Vili has had a lot of adult problems to work through at a very young age. It has to make it doubly hard.

I hope Vili continues to find himself, and has the courage to step out into the world on his own.  He’s faced a lot of difficulties in life, no doubt, but his life is really just beginning and if he is not happy, he should feel absolutely free to start again!

Dash Cam Facial Expressions

Here is a fascinating study of young drivers and the facial expressions they make while driving. Watch them drive and face some seriously close calls.

What is surprising is their facial expressions seem muted considering the situation.

I hear Dr. Drew Pinsky in my head saying that young people under the age of 25 haven’t developed fully in the brain, and therefore don’t make good decisions.

Here is a research article that talks specifically about this. In it, they say, “The frontal lobe, tasked with decision making, planning, judgement, expression of emotions and impulse control may not be fully mature until the mid-20s.”

That may explain it…

Bikram Choundhury and Hot Yoga

Bikram Choundhury is the founder of the well known “hot yoga”, and considered a guru by many who practice his teachings of yoga in hot rooms of 104-105 degrees.

Six separate civil lawsuits have been filed against him alleging rape or sexual assault.

Essentially, six women, who either attended his yoga classes, or who paid Bikram thousands of dollars to train under him to open their own training facilities are going after Bikram.

When I watch Bikram, I do not believe him at all. I see a very arrogant man, who couldn’t portray a more false sense of himself in his interview with CNN.

He puts on all these fake smiles that are very transparent in an attempt to garner sympathy that he is a nice guy, when his arrogance unveils he is anything but nice with defined crystal clarity.

You can also see him think as he talks, speak in present about supposed past actions, and says things that are flat out contradictory to each other.

Bikram’s arrogance is so over the top he is even willing to brag and boast about how great he thinks he is, and its nauseating.

He says, “Lots of students of mine, they commit suicide because I will not have sex with them.”

Yeah, right.

He truly has no understanding of women at all to say so many of the things that he has said. He is so over-the-top ego-centric that he doesn’t realize that what he reveals with his arrogance is the exact trait that people need to fear in another human being.

Yet ironically, he thinks if he smiles, he will win people over, and that’s because fake smiles have fooled people for centuries and obviously worked for him for quite some time.

When I watch Sarah Baughn, I believe her.  See a woman who is frustrated and hurt about what happened to her and wants to get her message out to stop Bikram, and with good reason.

May justice prevail even if it only happens in civil court.