Are you privileged?

When you ask most people if they grew up privileged, I think most people of us will say no.

We all imagine the privileged to be the super wealthy–the types of people who have maids, drivers, chefs, planes, fancy cars and mansions.

But the reality is many of us are more privileged than we realize. And some of us have had to work twice as hard to overcome the lack of privileges that others took for granted.

Have you ever thought about it?

Privilege is not something you earned. It was given to you. 

What if you didn’t have the privileges you had or have?  Where would you be life?  Would you be in the same place?  And have the same successes? Would you be just as happy?

Imagine if the privileges you value now were taken from you. They were gone. You no longer felt safe in your expression, to get help or medical care.  How would you feel?

There is likely someone in your life right now who is in those shoes.  Have you ever thought about how it would make you feel?  And how they must feel?

Does this experiment open your eyes and change how you might look at other people?

I think it is profound exercise that evokes strong emotions.  I hope it stirs yours…


Hungry + Angry = Hangry


The newest term on the block these days, if you haven’t heard, is “hangry”.  You know when someone gets angry when they are hungry?  Yep, that’s “hangry”.

There is actually science behind the term, and in the following article they explain why some people get it and others don’t!

Check it out here on

Truth or Lie: What would you do?

real friends

If you have a friend who is very despondent about something bleak in their lives (i.e. relative given high-probability-of-death diagnosis, cheating spouse suspected, etc), and they came to you and asked for your support, what would you do: Would you help them cope with the truth and be factual that things are likely not going to end well to help them cope and prepare in a realistic light, or would you lie and comfort them with positive thoughts that “everything will be okay” even though you know negative change is very likely going to affect them?

Think hard about this. What would you really do.

Feel free to vote below and share comments in the comment section.

Warning: Do you think your grill brush is safe?

ABC US News | World News

Many people are grilling this summer and have no idea that when they clean their grill, they are putting their health on the line. Yes, its true, but most people don’t know it.

Those little wire brushes we all use, well, when a wire breaks loose and embeds into your food, you can very easily swallow it and not know it until hours later when you get intense pain! It seems to be happening more frequently than most of us realize. Search around on the web and see for yourself.

And I don’t think you have to have an “old” wire brush for a wire to break free, do you?

How comes this product has been removed from shelves?

Thanks, MA, for sharing this story with me.

Cosby Finally Exposed

It’s good to finally see Cosby exposed for the liar he is.  From day one when I heard these accusations, I called him out!

May this open the door for these women to sue Cosby civilly.

Cosby attorneys are saying that Cosby was just confused. I think everyone sees that is just an attempt to push this away again, but I don’t think its going to work.