Noura Jackson Granted New Trial

If you’ve watched 48 Hours for years, you may remember the case of involving Noura Jackson. She was convicted of murdering her mom Jennifer. Now, it appears, she has gotten the Tennessee Supreme Court to over-turn the verdict and grant her a new trial.

I did not believe Noura Jackson when I first wrote about her in April of 2010. You can read my original thoughts here.

Practice with Pawn Stars

If you want to practice your skills at understanding human behavior, there is no better place to start than watching people negotiate.

If you are good at understanding others, in negotiations you will be able to call people out as honest when they tell you this is their final offer.  Or you will be able to know when someone is bluffing and there is still room for negotiation.  And there is no better TV show for this than Pawn Stars on the History Channel (U.S.)

I love watching negotiations and calling out the bluffs or seeing when someone else misses the cues and tries to continue when its truly over. It’s heaps of fun and the best part?  You get immediate feedback on if you saw it correctly or not. If not, maybe watch it again and see if you can identify what you’ve missed.

In the video above, they don’t do much negotiating, but you can clearly identify anger in the guy who wants to sell his statue.  Notice how he glares over his glasses?  It’s a look that is very telling that he is not pleased.

How often are you right? It will give you a measure of how good you are at reading people!

I love doing this for fun.

U.S. Stock Market Rigged?

I saw this on CBS 60 Minutes Sunday and thought it was absolutely fascinating. I love how Brad Katsuyama became curious and did some investigating and got to the truth! I love people who break the mold, question things and explore like this.

Does what Brad uncovered surprise you?

Piaget Crenshaw: Ferguson Witness

Piaget Crenshaw spoke out to CNN about what she saw happen to Michael Brown in Ferguson and I wanted to state that I believe her.  I believe she is telling us the truth.

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Liar! Liar! It’s not so black and white…

When someone lies to us, they are a liar, and we naturally assume they lie to everyone for the most part, right?

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Not so fast. I have an interesting story to tell you.

My mom and I have struggled to find a dentist for years because we keep getting lied to. After years of struggle, my mom and dad finally found a dentist who truly treated them fair. He didn’t push treatments on them, treated them fairly when they had pain resolving it appropriately, and did the essential care for a reasonable price. Having some knowledge of the dental field because I used to work as an assistant, I thought we finally found our dentist. I truly believe he gave my parents quality care.

When I went a year later, my experience was dramatically different. This dentist filled multiple cavities, and did a sloppy job–nothing like he did for my parents. He also tried to tell me that I had a cavity in my front tooth, and something told me he was full of it. I decided to go for a second opinion and sure enough, the next dentist I tried showed me that I did not have a cavity. What in fact this dentist who said I did have one was doing was pointing to a genetic flaw in my tooth– a hole–which occurred on the same tooth on the other side of mouth, too. There absolutely was no cavity. She showed me how it was just the design of my teeth. I had other problems with this dentist to, so I started seeing this new doctor who shared the truth with me. This new dentist is approximately 10 years my senior.

Fast forward another year, after our experiences with my parents old dentist, my parents decided to try my dentist. I trusted her. Can you guess what happened? She told lie after lie to my parents in attempt to get them to do expensive procedures! I was flabbergasted at what she was telling them. For anyone who knew anything about the dental field, it didn’t take a second to see that she was truly hungry and being deceptive.

My mom and I got into a few arguments about “our dentists”, and I finally said that we can both find someone we trust to care for us, but it doesn’t mean they will give that same care and honest treatment to someone else. It was kind of a shocking revelation, though it makes sense in an odd way.

In hindsight, the dentist my mom found was older. He was within 10 years of her age. This dentist likely saw her as a peer and felt a need to meet a certain standard of care with my parents. When I showed up, I was just a “young kid” to him. I was within a few years in age of his children. He didn’t have the respect or care he did for my parents so lying to me was much easier. Then when I found my dentist, she was more my peer and my parents were “old people” to her–easy to influence because they were “old” in her eyes. She forgot I was knowledgeable about dental procedures. Oops.

People affect us in different ways. We react to people differently. We may trust one person and have a bad feeling towards another. It all affects how we interact with people. We may be generous and giving with one person and turn our back on another. It’s reality. So next time you are convinced someone is honest, don’t always be confident just because they are honest and treat you fair, they will treat others fair too. Biases affect all aspects of our lives.

And its clear, some people will take advantage of those they feel superior to. It’s a little uncomfortable to think about, isn’t it?

Baby Gammy’s Parents

In watching this video above, I do not believe Mr. Farnell on any level.

His crying is fake and an act, and worse, I don’t believe that child sexual predators just cure their urges by will or punishment.

I fear for this little girl and I am heart-broken for the little boy who is being talked about so callously by Mr. Farnell when he says, “no parents want a son with a disability.”


Jodi Arias To Represent Self at Death Penalty Trial

I do not find it surprising that Jodi Arias has decided to represent herself at her death penalty trial. Jodi Arias probably has learned that the only way she can influence and mitigate her risk of death is to get the jury to connect with her on some level–to have pity for her, and the only way that will happen is if they get to know Jodi. Hence, Jodi has to represent herself. Of course, being a narcissist and a psychopath, she’ll also love the attention so it is a win-win for Jodi. With that, her move to represent herself actually makes sense.

Could you look at a person before you and give the vote to kill them? It’s not an easy choice to make and Jodi knows that–especially since she doesn’t look intimidating, threatening and harmful. People have a natural tendency to be more lenient on people who look harmless, sadly. Human nature makes us not want to believe innocent looking people are capable of causing us serious harm because it means we have to admit we are somewhat vulnerable and defenseless with a person like Jodi, and that makes us uncomfortable on a subconscious level. This will all work in Jodi’s favor.

I never saw the close-up video footage above showing Jodi Arias’ face when she was convicted of murdering Travis Alexander. It’s fascinating to watch. Watch Jodi get the wind knocked out of her, literally. She is a master at minimizing her emotions, too–unbelievable so–considering her conviction. If you notice as hard as Jodi works to keep her emotions inside, she cannot stop her chin from quivering!