Lighting Patterns Reveal Who Is Home


I realized something last night that I do that I wasn’t consciously aware that I did. I looked at my neighbor’s house to determine who was home by simply looking at what lights were on.

Do you ever do that?

We all have personal styles in the lights we chose to turn on at night. Some of us like it bright while others like mood lighting. But people each have personal preferences, and those preferences can reveal who turning them on and off.  Furthermore more, as a general rule, women tend towards low-light mood lighting, where men want functional bright lighting, though there are variations.

I never consciously set out to notice my neighbor’s patterns, but I realized I do know them.  I seem to pick up on patterns subconsciously.

What is scary is I cannot help but questions do predators look at this, and use this information to their advantage? It’s kind of creepy in that respect.  Maybe next time my husband goes out of town, I will use his style of lighting instead of mine!

48 Hours: Angelika Graswald

Did you see 48 Hours this past weekend? I just watched it.

Do I think Angelika Graswald gave a false confession?

Absolutely not. There are many elements that reveal this is not a false confession. No way, no how.