Christina Morris

Christina Morris went missing two months ago in Texas and the last person she was seen with was Enrique Arochi, an acquaintance, at 4 a.m. in a parking garage.

Arochi says, “So we walked and we split and after I saw my car, I went to my car. I don’t know where she went, or if she went to her car. I just went to my car and left.”

Arochi doesn’t remember parting words, or if Morris got to her car. This is certainly a red flag.

Furthermore, he is very intensely focused and concentrating in this video so much so that you can’t miss it. Why does he feel he has to do that? Why isn’t he himself?

He is absolutely deadpanning his emotions too, which is a flag. He shows no stress or any emotions, except a slight positive glow.

I am troubled that he shows no concern whatsoever, or lack of regret that he didn’t walk her to her car or look after her.

This video is enough to cause me to want to see more of Arochi. If anyone sees him talk again, please provide me with a link.

Are you a walking target?

Wherever you go in life, you are being watched by people whether you are aware of it or not. Most people are harmless, but statistics show us not all people are. Do you pay attention to your surroundings when you are out and about?  Or do you only do it when you are alone? When I walk on the street in some of the cities I train, I am amazed at how many people send off an unconscious message that they are a good target, if someone has bad intentions.

How do you send off a message that you are a good target?  There are hundreds of ways I can think of, and I couldn’t possibly explain them all to you, but most boil down to appearing soft: distracted, unsure, not confident, showing fear, unaware of one’s surroundings, talking on cell phone, reading a tablet, listening to iPod, staring at the ground or not orienting yourself to the movement around you for a period of time.  You get the idea.

When you are out in a public place, it is important to convey the message you are rock solid and confident, and aware of your surroundings. Never appear lost. If you are, step off the street and into a quiet business where you can ask a friendly looking clerk where to go.  Don’t stand out in the open and query people on the street. You are giving them free information and an invitation!

When I am alone and in an unfamiliar place, I also put on my game face.  I put my shoulder back, lock my purse lightly under my arm and body, stand tall and walk with purpose.  And I have a purpose! Touch me and I’ll draw more attention to me than you’ve seen in 10 years!  I guarantee you I will be screaming FIRE at the top of my lungs (thanks JJ Bittenbinder), and I want anyone who has bad intentions to see that, too. I am not a soft target!  Alert! Alert!   Be on notice, Mister!

I often will do a 360 when walking or I will look over my shoulder to survey who is behind me.  I will acknowledge with glances who is nearby and if I see someone threatening, I will either stop, pause and let them walk by, or I will stop in at a business for a minute to get in a better position behind the suspicious person!

I take notice of alleyways and recessed entrances, and if I am alone, I won’t walk close to those. I will purposefully position myself toward the center of openness. And if my gut screams that someone walking towards me looks ominous, I will trust it. I will cross the street, if possible or again, stop into a business for a second.  I trust my gut instinct implicitly.

Many times I walk, however, I don’t spot anyone who has any intention to do harm, but I do see it from time-to-time and more than most people.

And I have spotted quite a few people over the years  looking to target soft people in my presence. I have watched pick-pocketers try to hone in on my friends and family, and people I fear had the intent to cause havoc of some sort.  More often than not when I see it, I will say, “Hey stop a minute” to the people I am with, corral them with my arm to position their backs to a wall, and then look the would-be troublemaker in the eye and politely say “Go ahead” as in find your next target–this game’s over!  And when I debriefed the people I have been with, none of them saw what I saw, hence that is why they were a “soft target”.  And I am most amazed that 90% of the time the people in my company did not even notice my dramatic change in my behavior when I noticed someone sizing them up!  I often will do a 360, start glancing backwards more, or even start walking sideways to keep an eye on the situation as I continue my conversation in which I often get distracted and can’t continue.  That’s most surprising to me.

We can never be guaranteed we won’t be a victim, but we certainly can take steps to lower the odds. What steps do you take?

Things That Cross My Mind

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If there is one thing that I do incessantly it is try to understand the world around me. I am endlessly curious. If a group of people “A” do one thing, then why do others do “B”? What motivates them? What is their truth?

Like everyone, I am watching the news on Ebola very closely trying to gauge how it could impact me and our world. As someone who travels for a living, I need to know what is going on so I can take the necessary precautions to protect myself, and keep me and my business healthy.

One element that has me very curious right now is the bio-hazard cleanups that occurred in four Ebola cases that we know of here in the U.S. And it raises questions for me, and leaves me with no concrete answers to understand.

We have been told that the only way Ebola is transmitted is through direct contact with body fluids. And we’ve also been told that Ebola can only live on surfaces for a short period of time. I suspect these are both truths from what we know to date. I have little reason to doubt anyone about this at this point.

I did some digging and found the longest studied documented case of Ebola surviving on another substance was 6 days.

So when someone comes down with Ebola, why are we severely gutting their apartments?

See what they did to Amber Vinson’s apartment here.

I can understand saying the apartment is a danger zone and banning people from entry for a week or two, and cleaning out perishable foods and liquids, and any contaminants such as blood or vomit, but to remove 53 barrels of waste material and call it hazardous from a small apartment is unsettling. They removed nearly everything.

It seems completely inconsistent and has me scratching my head in curiosity.

Also, I wouldn’t think they would want to send anyone in for a week to make sure we don’t further contaminate people unnecessarily.  Why take undue risks that aren’t necessary?  Let the virus die if it is there.

If they just did a basic sanitation and closed and locked the door for two weeks, you would think that would be sufficient, but by the actions we see people doing, they don’t believe it is. And who makes these decisions?  What are the laws? Are we just reacting out of fear?  What is the truth here? Is there fear Ebola could be spread through the air?

Then I was shocked to read the fiancee of the doctor in New York City, Morgan Dixon, went back to the apartment they shared with Craig Spencer, the first NYC doctor to return from Africa and get Ebola.  After a 1-day bio-cleanup in his apartment, she returned there again.   You can surmise if she was able to return to that apartment to live in it, it obviously wasn’t nearly as stripped as what we saw happen to the Texas for the nurses apartments, without question.

Why the differences?

And so I ask what is the truth here? Are people simply reacting in panic? Is this only going to happen in apartments to alleviate fears of the remaining residence? Is this overly cautious behavior?  Or is there more to this?

Can we continue to do this if we get a bigger outbreak?  Is this reasonable?

Right now I do not have the answers…I am watching closely to learn more.


Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage


My husband and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage today.  I don’t know where the years have gone!  They seemed to gone in a blink of an eye.  I feel incredibly blessed to have shared and continue to share my life with such a wonderful man. I’d marry him all over again–hands down. No one in 20 years made me second guess my decision.

We were married on a day just like today in the Chicago area.  It was unusually warm and sunny and the highs reached into the 70s just like they are predicting for today!
Feeling blessed and fortunate, and wishing others the same happiness we have been lucky enough to find!


Oscar Pistorius Gets Five Years

Oscar Pistorius received his sentence today, and it was a slap on the wrist if you ask me. I believe Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva in an emotional outburst.

The judge in the case said, “I am of the view that a non-custodial sentence would send a wrong message to the community. On the other hand, a long sentence would not be appropriate either, as it would lack the element of mercy.”

Who on earth believes Pistorius should get mercy? I find this shocking, but not as shocking and as arrogant as what the judge said next.

Judge Thokozile Masipa said, “Society cannot always get what they want. Courts do not exist for a popularity contest but only to dispense justice … The general public may not even know the difference between punishment and vengeance.”

That statement shocked me as extremely arrogant–that the people are likely clueless to determine such.

Ironically, I believe that Pistorius actually killed Reeva in vengeance, and this judge doesn’t see it sadly, or doesn’t want to, perhaps.

According to this news reports, it is believed that Pistorius may only serve 10-20 months in prison, and then will be allowed to serve the remainder of time in house arrest.

Unbelievably sad and quite privileged.

I fear for the next woman who dates this man as he is unable to control his emotions.

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Risk of Getting Ebola on a Plane


With Ebola in the United States, I think it is all of our business to understand the risks of the disease should it spread rapidly like it has in Africa. At this point, I don’t believe there is reason for alarm, but education is prudent. We all need to understand the disease so we can take precautions and prevent its spread.

I also don’t believe in causing panic or fear as that will help no one. We need to smart, get educated, pay attention and make sure we know what are up against so we can fight it as a nation should we become unable to contain it, and win.

When I saw this video on CNN, I was frankly appalled. This doctor, Dr. Suzanne Donovan, an infectious disease specialist who treated people in Africa, is as evasive as anyone can be. This doesn’t help calm people’s fears at all. She doesn’t directly answer ANY questions asked of her, but instead she deflects them. She doesn’t lie, but she is not straight forward either, and by this I am troubled. I can’t help but wonder if she is somehow invested in, connected to, or involved with the airline industry by her responses alone.

When the reporter asks Suzanne what if you are flying next to someone who is showing Ebola symptoms, “Any chance you can get it?”  Listen to what Dr. Donovan says.  She says, “This is something that is transmitted with direct contact of body fluids.”

She doesn’t answer the question that if you are exposed to direct contact of a sick person’s body fluids you CAN get it. She stops short. The CNN reporter questions her further.

The reporter says if bodily fluids from a sick passenger next to you gets on the tray or the armrest and you touch it, and touch your nose or mouth, can you get it?

Again Dr. Donovan doesn’t answer the question. She says, “You are bringing up very rare scenarios, and again I would say you are at greater risk driving to the airport and getting in a car accident then being infected with Ebola by being on an airplane.”

Why can’t she tell us the truth?  Yes, you can get it.

Twice now Dr. Donovan avoids answering the question, and instead makes another statement that is related to the question, but is completely different, albeit true. I find this outrageous!!!  This is not helping the public any.  She is technical correct in her statement, but avoids answering the question completely which is very misleading and dangerous!

The reporter says what about the fabric of the plane? What if bodily fluids get on the fabric of the seats, what’s the probability of you getting it?

Again, this woman refuses to answer the question. She says, “It’s very susceptible to cleaning agents.” She then goes on to talk about how washing your hands with soap and water will kill the virus. And that’s true. But if you touch a freshly contaminated surface unknowingly, and rub your eyes before you wash your hands, you are at risk to catch Ebola. Anyone who has done any reading lately should know this.  Who does this woman think she is fooling?

The fact that she doesn’t tell us the true risks involved, even if she says they are rare, is flat out unprofessional.

I find that evasive actions such as Dr. Donovan’s can actually cause more problems than good and are more harmful than helpful. Many people will say “the doctor said” without realizing she didn’t. She didn’t answer any questions that were asked of her. She instead made statements that were connected but different avoiding giving any answers at all!

Today you are absolutely much more likely to get into a car accident on your way to the airport than you are to catch Ebola.  But that doesn’t change the fact that if you sit next to someone who is symptomatic, and has Ebola (which is very rare and unlikely today) that you can catch it. Especially if you are in direct contact with body fluids from that person, and touch your nose, mouth, or eyes unknowingly before you wash your hands. Ebola can live on surfaces for limited times.

This interview stinks to high heaven if you ask me. There was an ulterior motive for doing it, and it wasn’t for the benefit of the public to become educated.

That’s disturbing to me.

Ebola Facts: Getting to the Truth

If you are like me, you are bewildered that the Texas nurses that cared for Thomas Eric Duncan are coming forward saying they didn’t have the proper equipment to care for Ebola patients nor did they have any protocols to follow. And if you are like me, you are further scratching your head that news reports are saying the CDC told a nurse she could fly with a temperature after caring for the first patient who died in the U.S. from Ebola.

How could things be going terribly wrong like this? Who is responsible for enforcing things when a situation like this is starting to look out of control?

We can’t just continue to react to news reports with fear. We need to understand what our laws say. Who is responsible?

Last night on CNN, Chris Cuomo said that the CDC does not have authority in this matter. They make recommendations and suggest guidelines. Another commenter pointed out that we need a Surgeon General to take the authority.

The big question is who has the authority to make the decisions at a time like to prevent the spread of the this disease?

I started searching online, and its murky to say the least. As a nation, we live by our constitution and I finally found a breakdown of the authority on the CDC website, and I do believe it is accurate. I think people should read this because there are many people responsible for our well being, and we need to know who they are.

I hope by sharing this I will help people get to the truth more quickly, and stop the spread of inaccurate information so we can get better results. We need to find out who is in control and expect them to do their job.

I am going to turn off comments on this post because I know people will make this a political argument and this website is not about that. It’s about truth and lies, and I just wanted to point people to the correct resource to get to the truth on who is responsible.