48 Hours: Frances Hall and Bonnie Contreras

If you caught 48 Hours this past weekend, what a story they told. You can’t believe the situations people find themselves in, and how they react and handle them until you see it sometimes. Emotions can cause people to do dumb and devastating things. Emotions, if not controlled, will derail you faster than anything else in this world, and that is what appeared to happen in this story.

Frances and Bill Hall were married 32 years. They were high school sweethearts. Bill Hall built a successful trucking company and it appears his success got to his head. He felt entitled to have a very young girlfriend (half his age), and a wife. He kept communications open with both women even after his wife knew about his infidelity. And worse, his mistress, Bonnie Contreras texted his wife horrible things and attacked her on social media.

One day in October, Frances saw her husband and Bonnie driving on the road the opposite direction, and says she did a u-turn to confront Bonnie.  Witness spotted the two women driving fast and erratically, and reported it to police. And the man in the middle, Bill Frances was there too, on his custom blue Harley, and tried to come between the women in some fashion.

In the end, something occurred where Bill’s motorcycle went off the road, and he ultimately ended up dying from his injuries.

The question raised on 48 Hours and in the courtroom was:  Who was telling the truth?

Bonnie Contreras testified that Frances started ramming her vehicle from behind repeatedly. Then she says Bill was between them on his Harley, and that Frances hit Bill sending him flying off his bike. She testifies that she also saw the motorcycle fly off the road, too, and that Frances never stopped.

Frances claims she never hit Bonnie, and that she didn’t hit Bill–that he wasn’t between them. From the accident scene, it appears that Bill possibly grazed the side of Frances vehicle while riding on the shoulder, and lost control. Frances says she has no idea he was there or that she hit him.  Yet the state thinks she intentionally killed him in a rage.

Who do you believe is telling the truth?


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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The Ramsey Family Photo

With JonBenet Ramsey being a little “beauty queen” competing in pageants and center of her mother’s eye, you can’t help but wonder if Burke felt left out of the family. We can only turn to photos to see if there is any evidence of this.

When you look at this family photo of the Ramseys, it’s startling to me.

It says so much.

Who is the center of this photo?  It’s Patsy.  Not JonBenet or Burke–no, its her!

Worse, look at little Burke. He is literally put in the back–out of the way!  It’s heart-breaking that his mom and dad could do this.  Usually children are the star of family photos–the prize of the family, their pride and joy.  But that’s missing here, sadly.

When I look at Patsy Ramsey, I see a woman who lived in fantasy. She created images in her head that she wanted to be reality and she tried to create reality around these visions.  What reality was, however, was very different. I suspect she pushed reality away for her fantasies.

John Ramsey is pulling JonBenet close. Why didn’t he put his arm around Burke then, too?

Do you notice how JonBenet’s foot is turned awkwardly away?  That’s a sign of discomfort–a pulling away.  You can even see her dress is crinkled because of her pulling-away motion! And her hand is curled slightly, not relaxed.  There is tension there.

When I look at JonBenet in the videos of her, I do not see a child who loves the beauty queen life. I see a girl doing what she’s told–smiling, not because its genuinely felt, but because she was told to.

Of course, it is possible the photographer of this photo made a horrible suggestion to put Burke in the back.  But with all we know, Burke was sidelined when JonBenet became her mother’s “doll”.

Such a sad, sad story.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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Burke Ramsey on Dr. Phil

Burke Ramsey was on Dr. Phil last week, and yet again yesterday. He was quite an interesting person to watch speak. He seemed to have a permanent smile on his face as he talked about his late sister, JonBenet Ramsey, who as every knows, was murdered. It was odd and uncomfortable to watch, wasn’t it?

Dr. Phil attributed Burke’s smile to nerves. I suspect there are several other reasons why Burke smiled that need to be explored before we can conclude it was simply nerves. Burke smiled in interviews with the police and at the funeral of JonBenet, but there are scenes where he is followed by cameras and he is not smiling, which I found revealing.

Dr. Phil’s show seemed to heavily support that the Ramsey’s were cleared and innocent, but on CBS Monday and Tuesday night, top-experts looked at the case piece by piece in a show titled The Case of:  JonBenet Ramsey. I thought they did the best job of any show that looked at the Ramsey case.

The experts on this show clearly identified why the D.A. should have never “cleared” the Ramseys. I was flabbergasted back when I read the Ramseys were cleared by D.A. Mary Lacy in 2009.

Read my thoughts from 2009 here.

The CBS show also gave us many reasons why we need to look more closely at Burke–some of which were discussed and some of it wasn’t but was evident. I wish I could have been on that panel to discuss what I saw! I had many things to say that were never said!  Please know I am working to get myself in a public forum where I can bring my analysis back to you (send some luck, too, please!).

In the end, the CBS show’s experts concluded that it was highly likely that Burke Ramsey was downstairs eating pineapple when JonBenet could have reached into the bowl for a piece to eat it, and Burke lashed out at her and hit her with the flashlight.

There was only one problem with their hypothesis:  the pineapple was already in her small intestine–not her mouth, throat or stomach, which means the pineapple was not eaten at the time of the murder, but likely hours before.

So while I haven’t changed my original opinion about the Ramseys (I don’t trust them and never have), I do have more questions and think Burke did not do himself any favors going into the media like he did.  His interviews past and present were very revealing and eye-opening, and for me, they DO NOT take him off the “whodunnit” list.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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Live Stream of Walmart Fatal Shooting

WARNING: Video above may be disturbing to watch. Be advised.

You may have seen the latest news story that is causing a lot of buzz. Wendy Russell Macrorie (shown) was in Kansas City at a Walmart store when she witnessed the aftermath of a shooting.  She live streaming it on Facebook. I don’t think anyone would complain about her reporting the story, but how she did it is causing a lot of controversy and conversation.

Not only did she appear to smile through her narration, but she also showed the injured, dying or dead people on the ground (blurred out below), which isn’t very respectful. This was in the end a fatal shooting. One person died.


People online are arguing that this is a nervous laugh versus a true sincere smile.

There is a definite answer on what this is.

What emotion do you think this is?  Share your answer below, and I’ll share my thoughts in the next day or two in the comment area.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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