Anesthesiologist Caught and Exposed

This is really hard to listen to if you put yourself in the patient’s shoes who woke up after a colonoscopy and realized he had recorded the whole procedure. He didn’t mean to do so, but he did it by accident. And what he hears is shocking.

Dr. Tiffany M. Ingham is as unprofessional, cold and callous as they come and worst of all, she came up with a fake diagnosis to give the man even more hell he didn’t deserve when she said, “I’m going to mark ‘hemorrhoids’ even though we don’t see them and probably won’t.” Then she put the diagnosis in the man’s chart!  She flat out lied!

The victim was awarded $500,000 in a lawsuit, however, no discipline actions have been taken against Dr. Ingham, which I find really disheartening. This is a woman who gave the oath to do no harm, and she clearly violated that. She shows no respect for this patient whatsoever.

Sadly, most patients don’t know who they will get as an anesthesiologist when going under for a medical procedure or surgery. They typically don’t tell you who it will be, and you rarely see them.  Or if you do, it’s only at the very last minute when you can do nothing about it!

If you live in Florida, news reports say she is now living down by you and working there now. If you have to go under, I would certainly recommend that ask who your anesthesiologist is ahead of time so you can avoid this one. She clearly has serious issues that I don’t think will be resolved even by the exposure of this incident.

Do you have “cognitive” or “affective” empathy?

brain lobes

A team of researchers, led by Robert Eres, from Monash University in Australia, have identified that people have physically different brains depending on the type of empathy they have.

I do not find this surprising at all. I believe that who we are is much more hard-wired than most of us realize.

So the question is: Are you a rational or emotional decision maker?

If you are emotional, you have affective empathy. If you are rational, you are a cognitive empathy.

When I sum up a person in front of me when assessing people, this is one element I look for immediately.  People wear how they make decision on their face.

Why is this important for me?  Because if you are telling me something, I will know how reliable you are by the type of decisions you make (rational or emotional).  Emotions cloud judgement and will affect one’s ability to see things clearly and that matters when getting to the truth!

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal gives me great pause, and I cringe when people say we should look at the good she did and ignore the bad.

Rachel is a manipulative person who seeks attention and limelight, and will lie to get it.

She will tell serious lies to get it.

I do not believe Rachel did what she did for the good of society or for the NAACP, but rather it was only to further her own agenda.

She isn’t even taking responsibility for the lies she told, and goes so far as to essentially expresses that she has been treated inhumanely.

Rachel has filed many complaints with the police claiming not only hate crimes, but she also sued the university that she attended in 2002 claiming discrimination based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender. And I don’t believe at that time she was claiming to be black.

She is simply out for attention and nothing more. Don’t let her fool you.


Duggars Refuse DHS at Door

Duggar family 2011

MSN is reporting that on May 27, the Department of Human Services (DHS) was called to check on one of the minor Duggar children, and when they went to the Duggar home, the Duggars refused access and wouldn’t cooperate.  DHS was then required to call the police for assistance.

InTouch magazine, according to MSN, says this is a repeat of what happened in 2006.

On June 4, 2015, I wrote that I did not believe the Duggars were telling us the truth and a lot has become public since this time strongly indicating the Duggars want you to believe things that are simply untrue.

You don’t hide when you tell the truth.

Amber Peat’s Parents Plead for Her

In the video above, the parents of 13-year old Amber Peat plead for her return.   They came back from a family holiday on Friday, and Saturday afternoon  Amber had a disagreement over chores and left the house.  She was sadly found hanged three days later approximately a mile from the family home, according to news reports.

A reader has asked me to look at the parents to see if I see anything of concern.

When I watch the parents, I see anguish and pain, which can support both sides of the equation here. It could support involvement or non-involvement.  Outside of that, I only see one area I would like to probe to understand the situation better. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a red flag, but something I’d like to get clarification on.

If anyone sees any other interviews with the parents, please let me know.

My heart goes out to Amber’s family.