Expression of the Day: My Thoughts


On May 3, I posted this photo and asked people what they saw when they looked at this expression. I also asked, “If a person did this after you asked them a question, would you think they are lying because they are covering their mouth?”

This is not a universal expression of emotion. It’s just one of many, many facial expressions we make as humans, and while it shows a negative response–that’s about all we can say. There is not enough information to determine anything else.

Some of the potentials one could simply speculate at without forming an opinion would be:

–Thought of something startling, uncomfortable, displeasing
–Tasted something displeasing or possibly burped up something unpleasant
–Saw someone do something unpleasant
–Has a feeling of disbelief over hearing some news, conversation–or seeing a behavior (theft?)

The list could on with other examples, too.

We can’t determine much from this picture other than she felt something negative until we got more information. If I saw a person reacting like this, I would simply say, “Are you okay?” and let the person provide more information.

Now, if you ask someone a question and they give you this response, I do not believe covering the hand over one’s mouth signifies lying. We cover our mouths for many reasons from shock to disbelief to surprise.

A reaction like this could also be as simple as this woman remembering she was supposed to be somewhere, and forgot–totally unrelated to anything anyone said!

While we can see an emotion or expression displayed on someone’s face, we can never be sure of why until we dig deeper.

Expression of the Day (May 3, 2016)


What do you see when you look at this expression?  If a person did this after you asked them a question, would you think they are lying because they are covering their mouth?

Check back for my thoughts towards the end of the week!

Is there really a right and a wrong?

jpornelasadv / Pixabay


Is there really a right and a wrong in our lives, in how we make decisions?

In my last post, I asked people.  I put up a poll and 80%, 69 people voted yes they believe there is a right and a wrong.  Five people (6%) voted “Absolutely not!”, and the last 14% were undecided.

I found that fascinating.

Considering I have written a lot about murder, I am not surprised by the answers. And yet I am very surprised.

In my younger years, I would have argued with you vehemently that there is a right and a wrong, but I have seen otherwise lately.

We live by many rules and laws in our society that guide our choices in how we act in life.  These, in simple terms, define what is acceptable in our society and what is not.

For example, it is not acceptable to steal from people, harm, injure or kill them.  But we still do kill people in society, right?  We still implement capital punishment in the U.S. and other countries.  We have “moral” justifications as to why we shouldn’t do it, but then there are times when we believe it is okay to do it. And people argue both sides of that debate–that we should kill and that we shouldn’t kill.

We believe in the laws because they protect people. They give people the right to life, liberty and in some places the right to pursue happiness.  Each country, however, has different values.

Some people find they are guided by right and wrong by their religious values, by their belief in God, and other people decide right and wrong based on their internal value system, or a system of compassion.

But how do we truly know what is right and wrong?  Can we ever know?

If I decide something is right for me, how can I say it is right for you?

What guides you in making that determination?  Who is the ultimate determining factor of the “right” decision?

We all have different beliefs and values.

I used to think there was a “right way” for someone to do a task, behave, respond, etc. if they cared about me.  Now I am not so quick to make a judgement.   Now I realize, there is my way and their way, and neither are right or wrong. There are just two possibilities.

This change in my paradigm has greatly opened up the world I live in.  It’s more beautiful and more lovely than before. It’s not near as black and white. It has changed my relationships considerably, too.

I do believe in protecting life, giving people equal opportunity, fostering safe environments and being compassionate, but those are my beliefs on right and wrong.  What are yours?

If this concept is new to you, here is some interesting reading for you.

There is truth. Is there right and wrong?

johnhain / Pixabay

I believe there is one truth, but there can be many perceptions.  Do you agree?

What about right and wrong?  Is there such a thing?  Who determines it?

What do you think?

I thought I’d open up an interesting debate on human behavior, the truth and right and wrong!

Share your thoughts below…


What is the secret to success?

geralt / Pixabay

I have always believed that the truth naturally rewards you with self-confidence, and telling lies naturally brings on insecurity, self-doubt and poor self-esteem, and so with that, I have chosen to be exceptionally honest in my life.  As I matured into adulthood, however, I was stunned to find many people, even experts, don’t believe you can or should be honest. They believe lies are essential–a required element in life.

This has always perplexed me, and I can tell you few people see it like I do.  So when I was reading online the other day and I opened up a link–I was pleasantly surprised at what I read.  I found someone who is only mentioned by his first name, Peter, because he is an angel investor, but what he said was so beautiful to read!

Peter was quoted by Rebekah, who wrote the article, and shared her conversation with Peter about the secret to success.

Rebekah expected Peter to say all the things most people tell you about achieving success–“never give up” to the old cliche slogans on t-shirts, but he didn’t.

What did Peter say was the secret to success?

He said it “…is to never, ever, ever tell a lie”!

Imagine that?

He then went on to say…

“Complete honesty is the access to ultimate power.”

Think about it.

It’s true.

I have always lived by the principle of honesty in my life and it truly has rewarded me over and over again. I honestly can’t think of one negative that has come from being honest.  Not one.

I just love how Peter said it!

Complete honesty does give you power for many reasons. Not aggressive negative power, but positive power. It fills your sails–it propels you forward with self-confidence.  Furthermore, you are upfront with yourself because you have to own up to your failures. You can’t hide them or run from them–sweeping them up or ignore them because you are honest and you will talk about them and acknowledge them.

Instead, by facing your failures–you make changes. You grow and learn, and move on to new and better experiences.  And that gives you more self-confidence.  You begin to believe in yourself more and more, because you are building everything on honesty and integrity.

You also learn that when you admit your failures, people don’t actually judge you nearly as harshly as you thought!  Most people understand we all make mistakes! It’s when people don’t admit to their mistakes that people judge harshly.

Furthermore, when you tell the truth, you aren’t overloaded with managing your lies, and you can focus on what is truly important. You also won’t contradict yourself down the line, or say things that are inconsistent. So many people are inconsistent on a daily basis and have no clue–because they aren’t honest with themselves, let alone other people.

People do catch on to lies–no matter how subtle, and they take notice and just one lie caught can cause people to distrust you. And those lies do hurt you in business and in your personal life.

There really isn’t one positive element to lying.

When you lie, you come across as insincere, fake and not genuine. Who wants to be seen like that?

So next time you talk to someone–pay attention. Are you about to tell a lie?

Do you really have to lie?  Or can you say something else?

I believe you can always be honest, polite and never rude or offending.  The key is to focus on what is true and positive, and take honesty step-by-step.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes. It truly is a beautiful feeling to always be honest, and in the end, it may help you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about!