48 Hours: Melissa Calusinski

Did you catch 48 Hours this past weekend? If you didn’t, its a story you don’t want to miss. Erin Moriarty tells us of the story of little 16-month-old Ben Kingan. He was at daycare and was being cared for Melissa Calusinski when she says she he started to fall asleep.

“Ben was … sittin’ in his bouncy chair, playing with his blanket. …And then he kind of falls back asleep,” she told Moriarty. “When I saw him startin’ to fall asleep, I’m like, ‘Ben, Ben.’ And no response. …he didn’t look right. …and I touched his hand. He did not wake up at all.”

Ben died from his injuries.

The police interrogated Melissa for nine hours.  She denied hurting Ben over 70 times, but then she slowly broke down.  She confessed to police that she threw Ben to the ground.

But now she says she is innocent and her confession was false.

As an expert in human behavior, I absolutely believe in false confessions and this case has all the hallmarks of it.

If you aren’t familiar with false confessions, I highly suggest reading the information presented by the Innocence Project. They have some great statistics and facts for you.

The Innocence Project found that 60% of confessions of homicide that were later exonerated by DNA were false!!

Think about that.

I am thrilled to see Kathleen Zellner has taken on this case.  I regard her as one of the best attorneys in the country. She is amazing!  Many thanks to Erin Moriarty and 48 Hours for doing this show.

I support Kathleen Zellner and Melissa Calusinski, and I hope this case gets re-examined.

Own Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring?

If you own Lumber Liquidator’s laminate flooring, you might want to listen to the report by CBS’s 60 Minutes (above). Anderson Cooper tells consumers that the flooring they bought at Lumber liquidations, according to their tests across the country, are made with formaldehyde and are exceeding indoor air pollution levels designated by the EPA.  Some samples 20 times higher than what is considered safe and acceptable.

I find this story so interesting because in the last month, I was in the market for a new wood floor, and I went to Lumber Liquidators to look at their products, and my experience at their store really raised my eyebrows. I ended up not buying their product because I simply didn’t trust them. While I wasn’t looking at laminate flooring, I was looking at hardwood floor. And several of the products I was interested in (red oak) were not available. I waited three weeks and checked again, and still no stock. That was a bad sign considering the store was totally empty on my visit. I was the only customer.

I even called the retailer a couple of times to find out when they’d get more product in, and they told me they didn’t know. You don’t make money without a a product on the shelves to sell. And it certainly wasn’t flying off the shelves with no one in the store.

Of course they said they were happy to order me what I needed, but I saw a huge downfall in that offer. If I had a bad batch, I was going to stuck in a loop waiting for more orders, and what if the orders didn’t match, or had quality issues. I saw my project turning into many months of hassles without much effort. I saw a lose/lose scenario before I even started.

When I asked the store clerk if I could return boards that were defective, he told me no. They would only switch entire boxed bundles. Without inventory, it was a deal breaker. I also found that they had bad reviews online in the middle of doing my homework. Upon finding out, I called the store and identified that I saw that they had bad reviews. I asked them how they would stand by their product if different quality issues arose and they said that no one had returned a box of the product I wanted in over two years.

I didn’t buy it for one minute after reading dozens and dozens of bad reviews, and seeing a video of YouTube of the exact problems encountered.

Naturally, I decided to go elsewhere. They had a handful of red flags that told me not to buy their product before I saw the 60 Minutes report.

Now seeing Lumber Liquidators in the news and watching the owner talk, I am confident I made the right decision not to trust Lumber Liquidators. Seeing the the owner talk to Cooper, I do not trust him.

Blake Seylhouwer Takes Stand

Blake Seylhouwer, a former radio host, says he “accidentally shot at” his wife in the testimony above. He says he didn’t mean to cause her harm, but the bullet from his high-powered rifled sprayed shrapnel and bits of concrete when it hit their driveway injuring Beylhouwer’s wife, Misty.

Misty testified that she believes her husband Blake fired at her on purpose.

When I watch Blake above, I don’t believe him whatsoever. The amount of clues he gives off in a short amount of time is staggering.

Charles Bothuell’s Parents Charged with Torture

Do you remember the case of Charles Bothuell, Jr, 13, who was reported missing by his dad and step-mom last June? Charles Bothuell, Sr., was on TV with Nancy Grace when she reported they found his son on LIVE TV two weeks later. You can see the footage above.

When this segment aired, I wrote saying I didn’t believe Charles Bothuell, Sr., at all when he reacted as Nancy Grace told him. He knew what happened to his boy without question. There were tell-tale signs if you understand human behavior and body language.

Last Friday Charles Bothuell Jr.’s dad and step-mom were arrested, and charged with torture and child abuse of their son. It’s a first for Wayne county to charge someone of torture when the person is still alive.

Both parents can face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

It’s always good news when the truth is prevails!  These two needs to be held accountable for what they did to little Charles. He looks like a fine young man!

Sources HNLTV and The Detroit News

Tyler Deaton on 48 Hours

Did you catch 48 Hours this weekend? It’s a mystery as to what actually happened to Bethany Deaton. Did she commit suicide or was she murdered?

Bethany was found in her van with a bag over her head. She had inhaled the bag into her mouth, according to reports, and died with her eyes open, which according to investigators, was unusual.

Bethany was married to Tyler Deaton, and their relationship involved a lot of twists and turns with stories of Tyler running a cult to ultimately identifying himself as gay. He claims to have never consummated his marriage to Bethany, and yet with these weird circumstances calls himself “charismatic” oddly.

One thing is clear:  Tyler was able to get people to follow him through the guise of religion and he got people to do what he wanted. I am not sure “charismatic” is the term for that, but it seems to be Tyler’s word.

Tyler demonstrates in his interview with 48 Hours that he is very comfortable bending the truth when it suits him.

“You manipulated several men into having sex with you. Is that right?”  Troy Roberts, on 48 Hours, asked Deaton.

“[Laughs] No. That’s not correct,” Tyler replied.

“Well, correct me,” said Troy Roberts.

“I’ve never had sex with anybody,” said Tyler.

And yet Boze Herrington, one of his cult followers, said, “He told us that he had been … practicing for his honeymoon with another guy but not in a sexual, just a physical way.”

You can clearly see the manipulation here.

He later admitted to having oral sex with a guy, but not “sex”.  Yeah, right.

So what happened to Bethany?

I do not believe that Bethany committed suicide.

And I can say this:  I do not trust Tyler one iota. His reactions to what happened to Bethany make absolutely no sense, if he is uninvolved as he wants us to believe. What level of involvement he has, I would need to see more interviews.

I am happy to hear the police are continuing to investigate this case.