“Learn To Read Faces”

Here is an article that you might enjoy. Don’t forget to read page two!

I think O’Sullivan makes a fabulous point:

“It’s not merely seeing the behavior and recognizing it but in interpreting the situation”

In other words, while you’re scanning your date for the usual emotions someone might associate with lying — microexpressions of guilt or fear — you might be missing something bigger.

Your date might not feel guilty at all about lying to get you into bed. In fact, he might be concealing pride or cockiness at his ability to deceive you.”

I think her point is so important, because just seeing and identifying expressions and emotions isn’t enough to accurately understand a situation. So many people show emotional biases that skew their ability when they attempt to understand others, or they use their own past experiences to judge other people’s actions, which will not yield accurate results when reading others.

Read moreIt is critically important to be unbiased when you are trying to understand the actions of another, not jump to quick conclusions, and to explore every potential outcome possible that could explain a situation before formulating an opinion. Of course, doing this is much easier said then done.

How do you teach people to remove emotional and experiential biases? Biases and judgments cloud one’s ability to see the truth.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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