Live Stream of Walmart Fatal Shooting

WARNING: Video above may be disturbing to watch. Be advised.

You may have seen the latest news story that is causing a lot of buzz. Wendy Russell Macrorie (shown) was in Kansas City at a Walmart store when she witnessed the aftermath of a shooting.  She live streaming it on Facebook. I don’t think anyone would complain about her reporting the story, but how she did it is causing a lot of controversy and conversation.

Not only did she appear to smile through her narration, but she also showed the injured, dying or dead people on the ground (blurred out below), which isn’t very respectful. This was in the end a fatal shooting. One person died.


People online are arguing that this is a nervous laugh versus a true sincere smile.

There is a definite answer on what this is.

What emotion do you think this is?  Share your answer below, and I’ll share my thoughts in the next day or two in the comment area.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Jennifer Kindschi

    Ugh. The impartial newscasters showed more concern for the people involved than this primping, cud chomping, voracious, self-absorbed *Itch who could not just stay inside as everyone in their right minds said to do. WalMart aint the problem, sister.

    • Strawberry

      She acts like “ugh, see how inconvenienced I am. Maybe I can get some attention”

  • cannedam

    She seems gleeful.

    • Renaissance Girl

      That’s what I thought. If I hadn’t read what transpired, then I would have thought she won a trip to Disney. 🙁 So eerie. Goosebumps.

    • LisaLisa

      Yes, gleeful is the word that came to mind for me, too. Her overall message is not that it’s tragic that people lost their lives, but that they’re “gross” or “grotesque” and she is better than them.

  • Tracker

    I believe her when she’s says “I’m freaked out”. I think that was a nervous laugh, not a joyous one. She doesn’t seem to show too much concern for those who were shot, but I don’t blame her because she’s not feeling 100% safe at the moment. I don’t think she considered that someone might be dying right in front of her eyes.

    • goatgirl1981

      I gotta say nah, because… People were warning her to stay inside, and she rushed right out there to be in the thick of it. She wasn’t scared, she was THRILLED and EXCITED. And more than happy to live stream a person’s death. She is CREEEEEEEPYYYYY

  • I would like to point out that it is not uncommon to display unusual (to us) facial expressions and behavior during a highly stressful situation in which the brain is overrun with input so it doesn’t react in what we would consider appropriate. For instance, it is not uncommon for someone to laugh when receiving terrible news about the death of their child (true story) since that is the attempt of the brain to defend itself against the news.

    • goatgirl1981

      Yeah, but…. This chick is THRILLED, like this is absolutely the coolest thing that has ever happened to her. She is so creepy it makes my skin crawl.

      • killer instinct

        Dear me I haven’t seen a more excited blonde since my friend bought his wife a cabrio (true). I think these people have been beaten with the “you’re special” stick so much they are so soaked up with themselves their narcissim/efocentrism , and never developed a shred of emphathy. “Spoiled” is the expression here. Full on agree with Eyes, she ain’t no psycopath, but apart from her debatable good looks she has nothing in that pretty little head of hers :-

  • Paul Flanagan

    I don’t know for sure, so I’m going to write my thoughts while I think them, and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I don’t think it’s a nervous smile. I believe you’ve taught that a nervous laugh/smile is a type of “short circuiting” of the brain–a mix-up of signals in a very stressful situation, and I don’t think that is this.
    Could her entire demeanor be explained by shock? Maybe, but I don’t know enough about the various ways shock effects people–meaning, what’s true and what’s perpetuated myths.
    What I do know is that she is fulfilling two human needs–significance and connection. She’s there and she’s on the scene recording it. She’s feeling significant. And I also think she’s feeling connection, because again, she’s there, but also life and death happens to all of us, and who knows, a few minutes difference, it could have been her. She’s connected to this event, and by recording it has actively connected herself more so.
    So, I actually think she’s experiencing joy. She’s not necessarily happy a crime took place and that people may be dead, but she’s excited to be there. I think this happens to many people, but I she think crossed a line. I’m most concerned with her lack of self-awareness that her behavior (filming with happy/excited narration) is inappropriate. Maybe this is shock.
    I think she crossed the line, not because of her excited curious state or even if she had silently recorded it, but because of her specific narration, her distribution of the video, and her lack of empathy regarding those two things. Does this make any sense?

  • MPS

    Her social media sites have been pulled down, but she still has a picture on Houzz. In the two pictures I could find of her face she has a similar expression to the video. Another notable point is that she appears to be chewing gum. I think there is a good possibility she had a face lift/plastic surgery that resulted in a smile-like appearance that is throwing everyone off. It’s tough to tell without a good baseline, but I would expect a bit more pupil dilation if she was excited by the scene.

    • Tracker

      I think her pronounce dimples might give off that effect.

    • goatgirl1981

      Her eyes are positively glittering though… She looks like she just won the lottery or something. Ugh, horrid. She actually gives me the creeps more that people I’ve seen that have ACTUALLY killed someone. And, seriously, who live streams someone else’s tragedy like that?

  • Sally Staples

    I see no shock, no compassion, no fear. She fixed her hair at the beginning of the video; although we know this can be a self-soothing behaviour, I don’t buy it in this case. I see someone with a frightening lack of empathy.


    What we see here is excitement, and in that excitement she smiles a true sincere smile. I do not believe this is a nervous smile.

    I honestly believe Wendy thought she could get her name out there and be famous for a day by doing what she did. I just don’t think she anticipated that so many people would be calling her a psychopath (sociopath), cold, callous and lacking empathy.

    She doesn’t hit me as an empathetic person in general. I think this is her true personality caught on tape, frankly. But it doesn’t mean she is a psychopath or sociopath.

    Several people who work in law enforcement have commented that people do weird things in times of crisis–such as tell jokes, laugh, etc. It is the way people cope, but I see this more as a need for attention, sadly, then a reaction of shock, horror or disbelief which causes some of those behaviors. She seems quite grounded, in the moment, able to recollect “her shopping” without much effort. It seems to be all about her, sadly, and that’s very sad.

    • goatgirl1981

      Renee, I am always so happy to read your analysis. Any news on that book you talked about once? Also, I checked back to see if you had done anything on Ivanka’s body language around her dad, specifically at the RNC when he touched her hip. I’d love an analysis of that!! I hope you’re well and happy.

  • MPS

    My vote still goes for plastic surgery. It took some digging, but she posted a success story on; pretty clear she is a bodybuilder. I found a reference stating that the prevalence of (a certain) cosmetic surgery in female bodybuilders is about 80%, which means actual percentage is probably much higher if you consider other procedures. And I doubt anyone is going under the knife for one without getting everything they want done.

  • Karen

    I came across this story late, and it reminded me of working in a trauma and burns unit. When you’d hear a big trauma was coming in, everyone would be really excited – it’s what you were trained to do, it could look really weird to outsiders – ‘oooh, a multiple fractures, abdo trauma and head injury! YES!’ or ‘possible 80 per cent burns – GET IN!’ It would last until the second the person arrived – because then you would be doing your job and would be mindful that this was primarily a person. Except for some people. Some people you could tell were still feeling that excitement – it was all about the drama and the challenge. Some people have less empathy than others, and it is more common than you think.