Casey Anthony Continues to Lie

Casey Anthony did an interview with the Associated Press recently. You can watch it here.

Nothing has changed. She is as pathological as ever, lying to the interviewer through every question.  Not a shred of truth in her answers.

She can’t admit the truth and probably never will.

This time she gives a new “version” of what happened to her daughter, Caylee.

This time she claims she fell asleep at her parents home with Caylee and woke up several hours later to find Caylee had simply vanished.

It’s sad to hear the interviewer play along with her lies and say, “Don’t you wish you knew what happened?” to which Casey replies, “Absolutely.”

No, Casey knows exactly what happened.

If you notice she has no questions, no concerns, no worry.  She knows the truth without any shred of doubt.

Casey now says she is working for the lead investigator who worked on her case. I’d believe that only when I could verify it. Casey, being pathological, lies even when it doesn’t even matter. Nothing she says can be taken at face value:  Ever.

I love when Casey Anthony says, “I sleep….pretty good at night.”

Yeah, right, Casey. Just another lie…

I don’t believe she loses sleep over Cayelee, but she does lose sleep over how her actions destroyed her life and took away her freedom. She may not be in a prison, but she knows if she shows her face in public and people know where to find her, they won’t be kind to her.





by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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8 replies
  1. Doux
    Doux says:

    OMG! That audio, in my opinion, is a big fat pack of lies. OMG! I can’t imagine anyone ever being able to call her “friend” and really mean it. No way.

  2. UnicornV
    UnicornV says:

    We need to know the name of this ‘lead investigator’ so they can be outed for the world to see.

  3. katie k
    katie k says:

    How crazy is this sentence: “The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me.” Somebody told her that the last time she saw her daughter she believed her daughter was alive? That’s not the kind of thing you need to be told by a third party. It either happened to you or it didn’t, you believed it or you didn’t. And why would you have to “believe” that your daughter is alive? I know my dog was alive the last time I saw her because, you know, I saw her. Being alive. In front of my face. And that she was “going to” be okay? Not that she was okay, but that she was going to be okay…because she wasn’t okay at the moment. Ugh. Unfortunately, I don’t think they included this line in their video piece on it. If they did and I just missed it, let me know.

  4. PridebeforetheFall ✓كافر‎‎
    PridebeforetheFall ✓كافر‎‎ says:

    This “woman” is pure evil.

    Kill your daughter, throw your father under the bus, have sex with your defense atty and get off scott free….

    I’m supposed to pray for her eternal soul, I just want her to face justice.

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