Body Language Study

This is an interesting video clip not simply because Trump forgot to put his hand up to his chest, but for two other reasons. One is that Melania has to nudge
Trump. But there is another reason.

What other reason do you see?

I will share my thoughts in the comment section within the next week.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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22 replies
  1. clownfish
    clownfish says:

    Guess that he never looks her way is kind of striking. But also…I feel so voyeuristic when I analyze people in this way. Even though he is the PRESIDENT.

    • English
      English says:

      I posted my theory earlier, well actually 2, hasn’t been approved, probs stealing his thunder, or hit a nerve, in fact, he pushes the BBC for all your real news but as we all know it’s FAKE…

      • Eyes for Lies
        Eyes for Lies says:

        You were caught by my bad language filter. You used the word “shit” and that snagged and blocked your comment. Stealing thunder? Hit a nerves? Where does this come from? I’m not a “he” and I’m scratching my head. Before I’d ever make such accusations, I’d wait to see what the person said was the third answer. Then you might have a point. But reacting now? Why do you have such hostility?

  2. Ann Ramsdell
    Ann Ramsdell says:

    Trump is thumping his hand on his chest – so peculiar – I wonder what that signifies?

  3. wttdl
    wttdl says:

    He looks like he’s putting up with something that isn’t important to him, a joke of a waste of time for him … not present.

  4. KatK
    KatK says:

    The smile is off, forced. He’s not happy with her for correcting him either, and she doesn’t like that she had to correct him.

      • clownfish
        clownfish says:

        Nice observation! I can see the feeling like a king. Like he is proud. To be there. Have a harder time seeing the arrogance so will take a look again.

      • clownfish
        clownfish says:

        I see it more like he is rather relaxed, kind of enjoying the fun side a bit without really being any embodiment of fun, and just not particularly smooth. I WANT to see what you see. So will try again lol.

      • clownfish
        clownfish says:

        Kind of like proud. So aware of “yes I am standing here wow” but I also see him as simply being in the moment, relaxed and enjoying. I am struggling to see the arrogance. Some people are very clued in to appropriate gestures and are smooth and others are more spotty with it?

      • Mrs Odie
        Mrs Odie says:

        Yay! I was right! I almost never am. I was thinking that he looked genuinely happy and like “This is all for me! They love me!”

  5. Eyes for Lies
    Eyes for Lies says:

    Trump forgets to put his hand to his chest because he is admiring what he perceives as “admiration” for him! He shows arrogance in his moment of “look at me”. He is so swept up with himself, he doesn’t even realize what is going on…

    • Russ Conte
      Russ Conte says:

      and I thought the issue was the bunny rabbit’s smile was not real. Aw darn 🙂

      Thanks for posting, I always enjoy and appreciate the posts! I missed this one because it’s sooo obvious, that’s something I want to watch out for in the future in my observations. Thanks again!

  6. killer instinct
    killer instinct says:

    But why is this relevant? Trump has been trolling the world, especially the Americans, for a long time now; and yet, he’s still in everybody’s center of attention. Stop feeding the troll! Zomfg, his wife nudged him, quick everyone, look at this!

    On the side note, he is so proud of himself in this video, I think he’s orgasming . He sure can be. He trolled himself up to the position of the leader of the free world. Restecpah.

  7. Matthew Manning
    Matthew Manning says:

    The first thing that stood out for me is that he looks high. Ive seen plenty of people high on cocaine, and they look just like this, in a state of bliss. He’s not really “there”.

  8. shasha40
    shasha40 says:

    Marie Antoinette look ??? Lol I couldn’t resist . I see what you’re saying . I read it as ” smugness” , semantics or no ? Thanks for being brave enough to continue to educate those of US that want to learn . Much appreciation and Respect .

  9. Tab Moura
    Tab Moura says:

    Yesss… “the presidents own…” you can see his chest rise with pride and he even stands a little taller, his eyes narrow a bit. It is arrogant, but also immature. Like he doesn’t fully grasp how sacred these events are, he only sees how important his job is.

  10. Mrs Odie
    Mrs Odie says:

    I’m not going to read the comments yet. I want to write what I think, then I will scroll down and read. A little game I play with myself. Trump’s face looks to me like a kid on Christmas morning. Like he’s the Emperor coming out to greet his adoring fans, who are all here to worship him like at his rallies. Basking in what he perceives as the their admiration and worship, he doesn’t even remember what he’s doing there and that there’s this thing called “America,” not just Trump.

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