Melania Trump’s Body Language

Here is an interesting video of Donald Trump and Melania after landing in Israel.

In the first clip, see if you catch their body language exchange.

What did you see?

It’s played in slow motion, if you missed it, a second time.

Many people are saying that Melanie swatted Trump’s hand away. The reality is, he reached half-way out for her to grab his hand. He didn’t reach for her hand. She tried to meet his hand half-way in the middle, but he already pulled his away in his typical insecure fashion, and what you see is Melania attempting to reach for him, but realizing he’s already pulled away–she makes that frustrated movement with her hand.

I don’t think these two have a great relationship, but I don’t think Melania is swatting Trump’s hand here as a rejection by itself. The one who rejects is Trump. He puts his hand out and then takes it away. Look at .29 seconds in. She extends her hand and he doesn’t grab it.


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • jellybelly

    That is what I saw, a failed reach.

  • Doux

    Yeah, I see it. It’s a “pissed off frustration” too. She’s NOT an idiot! Oo, that’s so irritating to me. What? She only has a few seconds to grab his hand and then it’s too late? Ass. He is, that is.

  • clownfish

    wow without slow mo it’s impossible to see

  • Karen

    With both the non-hand-holds, Trump offers her his hand with thumb up, so she would have her hand to the front – the position men usually take, and the position Trump took with Theresa May. It’s almost as though she’s his Mum, because that is how children offer their hands to be held.

  • I’ve watched it a bunch of times, and I can’t tell. He does pull his hand away, but it seems that their hands are already touching when he does so. She would have needed to jump forward or run and grab his hand to reach where he had extended it. What IS completely 100% clear is that he very obviously looks at the couple on his right, sees them holding hands, then reaches toward his wife. My inference is that he thought he should do what they are doing, and made a half-hearted attempt to do it. But when she wasn’t right there to grab his hand, he pulled it away. My guess is he doesn’t pay much attention to protocol briefings, so he’s always looking at the other leaders to see what they do.

  • Eyes, I would love to hear anything and everything you have to say about smug-faced smirking Jared Kushner. I’m begging here! 😉

  • wttdl

    It’s enraging that thousands of videos of Hillary & Bill over the years never had a chance to generate such similar conversation (given their “polished” ability to “appear” in public) — yet, unfortunately, there’s no similar video–for “the pundits”–of Bill Clinton with Monica under his desk, to show the TRUE nature of Bill & Hillary’s WONDERFUL marriage. Makes the “missed hand grab” seem quite petty in comparison.

    • One has nothing to do with the other. It’s so telling that the only defense of Trump his fans ever have is “Bill and Hillary are awful!” Stay on topic.

  • maria

    Please do one on Kathy Griffin. What is going on with her???

  • Trez

    All I see is him looking for her as she lagged a little and putting out his hand to brink her beside him. All innocent.