Trump’s Eye Roll? No, it’s something else…

News outlets are reporting on the fact that Trump rolled his eyes when asked if Jeff Sessions resigned. He definitely rolled his eyes–you can’t miss it. I can’t tell if he is eye-rolling to the reporter, the question asked, a comment from one of the interns around him or someone else in the room, or at the thought of Sessions! Any are possible!

Besides Trump eye roll and laugh, Trump is doing something no news outlet is reporting and its significant. It’s a contempt expression.

Trump makes a very clear and delineated expression of contempt.

Did you see it?

So we know Trump is feeling contempt (the eye roll is further support of this), but it could be for several reasons. To find out why, we’d have to ask more questions. We just know he feels contempt.

I am surprised at how often people miss significant elements in communication and I am thinking of changing the focus of my blog from deception only to understanding human behavior and showing people the real messages behind people’s communication.  What do you think?


by Renee Ellory | Eyes For Lies
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  • Vibrina Coronado

    Yes, definitely saw the little smirchy smile right after he rolled his eyes.

  • Maureen Brooks

    I’ve seen him make that expression on several occasions.

  • Renaissance Girl

    EFL said, “I am thinking of changing the focus of my blog from deception only to understanding human behavior and showing people the real messages behind people’s communication. What do you think?:

    Me: Yes, please do so.

  • Russ Conte

    Another note is that the students are not actually laughing in the sense most people think of as laughter. Listen closely, and it’s not anything close to the laughter at (for example) a comedy club. It’s the laughter of embarrassment, of nervousness, of awkwardness. That type of laughter sounds extremely different from the laugh when people find something genuinely funny.

    As far as the query about changing the focus of the blog, I agree that helping us to “understand human behavior and showing people the real messages behind people’s communication” would be amazing, I’d vote for that. Count me as a supporter of the proposed change.

  • Catherine Lesinski

    Yes, I like the direction you’re considering for your blog!

  • Jennifer Kindschi

    Yes the phony smile, contempt smirk, followed by irritation….I’d love to see your blog focus on seeing and understanding the basics of human behavior!

  • biffff

    Broadening your focus to would be awesome ! I look forward to it!

  • p3cop

    I agree on the contempt. To me it looks as if it’s directed at the photographer.

  • Ray Finn

    real messages behind people’s communication….
    Sounds interesting.

  • I didn’t see a “roll.” I’m an expert on eye rolls since I teach teenagers for a living. I see him holding his eyes in one spot, up and to the side. But maybe that counts as an eye roll. In that, I am NOT an expert.

  • shasha40

    Yes , Please . I would love that !!! 😁

  • Cheryl Samuelson

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to educate us. Your blog has been of great help to me.

  • Rose

    You’re posts are always insightful and I miss when you used to post more often so I would be happy with whatever you decide to post about.

  • Hannah Smith

    I don’t know if I saw an eye roll but I did see him look up and to the left. I don’t know if this would be considered an eye roll. I did see the look of comtempt mainly by the lopsided mouth. I do like the deception aspect of your blog…breaking down statements and showing the ridiculousness of those statements. I think you can add anything you want to your blog. It’s your blog which is why I really don’t get upset that you are focusing on the lies specifically made my Trump. I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell someone what they should or should not be writing about on their own blog.

  • Maria

    I like the idea for the change! Go with it!