Jimmy Fallon’s Response to Trump

I love Jimmy Fallon’s response to President Trump and the state of our country right now. He speaks so authentically.

You probably feel it from his heart-felt speech that he was sincere. But even more fascinating is that he makes microexpressions of disgust and anger that cannot be denied and support his speech.

Did you catch them?

Thank you, Jimmy, for saying what you said. I couldn’t agree more.

Trump’s Eye Roll? No, it’s something else…

News outlets are reporting on the fact that Trump rolled his eyes when asked if Jeff Sessions resigned. He definitely rolled his eyes–you can’t miss it. I can’t tell if he is eye-rolling to the reporter, the question asked, a comment from one of the interns around him or someone else in the room, or at the thought of Sessions! Any are possible!

Besides Trump eye roll and laugh, Trump is doing something no news outlet is reporting and its significant. It’s a contempt expression.

Trump makes a very clear and delineated expression of contempt.

Did you see it?

So we know Trump is feeling contempt (the eye roll is further support of this), but it could be for several reasons. To find out why, we’d have to ask more questions. We just know he feels contempt.

I am surprised at how often people miss significant elements in communication and I am thinking of changing the focus of my blog from deception only to understanding human behavior and showing people the real messages behind people’s communication.  What do you think?

Facial Expression of the Day

This is quite a funny and fascinating video of a new anchor who is caught off guard.

She makes a universal expression on her face. Do you know what it is?  It’s a supreme example of the emotion, too!


Expression of the Day: My Thoughts


On May 3, I posted this photo and asked people what they saw when they looked at this expression. I also asked, “If a person did this after you asked them a question, would you think they are lying because they are covering their mouth?”

This is not a universal expression of emotion. It’s just one of many, many facial expressions we make as humans, and while it shows a negative response–that’s about all we can say. There is not enough information to determine anything else.

Some of the potentials one could simply speculate at without forming an opinion would be:

–Thought of something startling, uncomfortable, displeasing
–Tasted something displeasing or possibly burped up something unpleasant
–Saw someone do something unpleasant
–Has a feeling of disbelief over hearing some news, conversation–or seeing a behavior (theft?)

The list could on with other examples, too.

We can’t determine much from this picture other than she felt something negative until we got more information. If I saw a person reacting like this, I would simply say, “Are you okay?” and let the person provide more information.

Now, if you ask someone a question and they give you this response, I do not believe covering the hand over one’s mouth signifies lying. We cover our mouths for many reasons from shock to disbelief to surprise.

A reaction like this could also be as simple as this woman remembering she was supposed to be somewhere, and forgot–totally unrelated to anything anyone said!

While we can see an emotion or expression displayed on someone’s face, we can never be sure of why until we dig deeper.