Steven Avery Confessed to Prison Mate?

With all the news about politics lately, a letter written by a prison mate of Steven Avery barely made the news.  In January, The Rockford Advocate published a letter written by convicted killer Joseph Evans, Jr. The letter is nine pages long and in the letter Joseph says Avery confessed to killing Halbach.

Whoa!  Right.  Why didn’t this make the news?  The Avery case has been so huge!

Joseph said he talked to Avery for a period of six months and built a friendship with Avery, and that’s how he got the confession.  He also says he is a new Christian and felt obligated to come forward with this story now.

He tells a story that may be offensive for some people read.  Be cautioned.

Here is a link to the letter.

What do you see when you read it? says that both men were housed together for a period of time at the same prison.


William Walsh Confesses

It’s been an interesting 36 hours in the case of William Walsh.

News has just come out that William Walsh confessed.

[ABC News] William Walsh confessed yesterday afternoon to killing his wife, Leah Walsh, a 29-year-old special education teacher, and to dumping her body in a wooded area on the property of the North Hills Country Club, Det. Vincent Garcia told

Apparently, Bill strangled Leah after an argument over whether or not he was having an affair early on Sunday ( He then left her body in the house while he ran errands to get his laundry done and to eat at McDonalds. Reports are saying he did this to build an alibi.

A witness also came forward in the case to say that they say a man crouching beside the Ford Focus on the highway Monday morning, and that the man ran from the Ford to a yellow car parked behind it, and then speed away. Bill, of course, drove an bright yellow Mustang.

Apparently, Walsh pleaded not guilty to second degree murder [] Just another interesting twist in this case.