Chase’s Telling Expression On The Bachelorette


Who caught the microexpression that Chase made when Jojo gave him the boot in the fantasy suite on Monday night?

It was very telling, fascinating and interesting to see!

Who knows what it was?

If you don’t know — you are missing a huge aspect of communication in life. Come to my Master Class to see what you’re missing (100% money back guarantee)!!

Note: The photo above is not of the microexpression.

Jennifer Aniston’s Emotions

This is a great video of emotional display by Jennifer Aniston. The reason I am posting it is a reader suggested that this clip is full of microexpressions. I get this comment a lot when people are expressive in their face. Microexpressions are quick bursts of an emotion–one of the seven universal emotions, and it is not just a movement of eyebrows, lips, etc.

This video has one strong and very pronounced microexpression, and one very, very subtle one. All the other moments are just facial movements, but not microexpressions.

I will list what microexpressions I see below in the comment section in the coming days.

What do you see?

Scott Walker: Microexpression

A reader sent me this video on Facebook because there is a good microexpression in it. See if you can find it! Please refrain from any discussions on politics. This blog is about understanding people and spotting deception. Thanks!

I identify what the microexpression is in the comment section. Eyes for Lies reader, J, detailed it perfectly.

Jason Reitman: Up in the Air

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

I got a laugh last night. I was watching Oprah and on her show, she aired a segment of the movie “Up in the air” directed by Jason Reitman. Reitman was one of her guests.

During the preview, one of the actors, who supposedly lost his job, was talking to George Clooney, who plays Ryan Bingham in the movie. Bingham (Clooney) fires the man and they show a clip of the man venting his anger at Bingham. I was immediately taken back because the fired man displays a classic anger micro expression.

I was like, “What the heck?! That man was good!” His lip quivered in anger and he showed disgust. I actually sat up and started paying more attention. I woke up a bit! I never see micro expressions in actors. It’s unheard of (outside of Lie to Me)!!! Then they played a few more actors and I was like, “Wholly cow! Where did they get these guys? This is good!!”

Then I started wondering if the clips were of real people and they just inserted them in.

After the preview, Oprah disclosed that they weren’t actors. They were real people who were laid off. Director Jason Reitman hired them to tell their stories and it gave his movie much more impact.

I loved it!!

Hey, if you are a movie production house and you read this, I’d love to help you make movies more realistic like this! Did you know even if people don’t consciously know they perceive micro expressions, their body still responds to them? Check this out!

It was the most refreshing thing. I’m actually thinking of going to see that movie. Maybe you will, too?

* My thoughts on Andrew Young soon, I promise!

“We All Look the Same When We Lie”

I love this promo, but it’s not my favorite. I’m saving that one for last!

* Quote above from the video (Fox).