Trump in his own words…

Does Trump have something to do with Russia? I think Trump answers this for himself.

This behavior is called pathological lying.

My Thoughts on the Admitted Liar

In my last post, I shared a comment from someone who called themselves a pathological liar. I want to say that I have no exceptional skills here to identify if this person is legit or not by these few words alone. I can only look at the words they write, like everyone else, and see if they fit with people who I have known in the past who are chronic liars. When I do that, the words written do ring true and are believable for someone who is a chronic liar. I personally don’t think this comment by “Liar Liar” was a hoax.

Flame projected in eye of senior man, close-up

Read morePeople who lack a conscience seem to be aware they don’t feel guilt or remorse, and know they are missing this emotion. They know they are unique and different. Yet in a twisted reality, I think it is this conscious understanding of their difference that becomes their biggest tool. They seem to realize people who feel remorse, compassion and empathy are excellent targets to use in their quest to get anything their heart desires. If they can find the right people, they can target their wants and needs, and meet them twice as fast than honesty would ever allow.

I believe there are high-functioning super liars that live among us and dupe more people than we’d ever want to know. I have witnessed more than a handful in my lifetime and what makes a super liar is not only a lack of a conscience (empathy or sympathy), but a keen wit to keep facts straight and an exceptional understanding of human behavior. If one possess these three traits, they are quite dangerous, because they will lure and use most of the population without anyone being the wiser for many years, if not a lifetime. It’s flat out chilling to witness.

I have witnessed normal everyday, honest, trusting smart people fall into the spell of a chronic liar/manipulator more times than I care to admit, and more often than not, with highly-skilled liars, the victims are absolutely clueless. I have seen communities rally behind these people, because they buy the lies they are fed.

I have even tried to pry open the eyes of honest people in these circumstances only to get rejected by them, because the chronic liar long ago sniffed me out as a threat, and painted me as evil before I ever spoke up. Super liars are even challenging for me. Their game plans are well thought out and executed to prevent people like me from exposing them. They are usually one step ahead of everyone, most of the time.

You must remember, these cruel people know how to role play better than everyone else in society, and they will play the parts they need to in order to accomplish their goal. They will elaborate great schemes to get what they want, because in the end they don’t feel remorse. They actually get an emotional high that they outsmarted everyone and that no one is the wiser. This game of cat and mouse is what continues to drive them, and ultimately what creates their superior self-image of arrogance. It gives them great confidence, which is a natural tool to gain the trust of others. They find it fun to outwit, outplay, outlast and outsmart their opponents, and often up the ante over the years to chilling levels, because they get away with it for so long.

Think of Hitler. Think of other evil dictators who came to power. They didn’t come to power being evil. The evil only surfaced once they established a trusting base that they later could manipulate.

People who are capable of great evil are the ultimate chameleons of our society. They quickly judge, assess and pick their soldiers, charting them on mission where the true motivator is disguised in fancy fluff, so they can win their personal war and achieve their personal goal with precision, speed, accuracy and ease.

But what is interesting about these people, as “Liar Liar” wrote, is that they do feel pain. They feel their own pain and that pain will often cause them to lash out with evil intent. These people are usually very vindictive, even if they do it anonymously or in private. Their pain can often be their downfall, because it fuels their desire for revenge, and revenge without a conscience is what ultimately exposes their evil deeds to the average trusting person, but often it is too late, and the victim by this point has usually paid the ultimate price.

Confession of an Admitted Liar

A reader left an interesting comment yesterday on my blog post titled Pathological Liars. I thought I would share it with you.

I will be comlpetely honest (for once). I am a liar. A Pathological liar.Some of you out there asume that we are scum and that we are evil, and that is a little too harsh to say. You must understand, when it says we have no morals…WE CANT. I really do wish that I could feel guilt, so that I might stop lying so much. I don’t. I never have felt guilty for anything that I have done, I dont think that I ever will.Read more

Apperently, some people have it so bad that they don’t feel other emotions as well. Which makes since, saying that me and my friend (yet another liar, there are a lot of us you know) did not cry at our friend’s funeral. We lack the emotions for us to properly restrain ourselves from lying to ones we love. Emotionally though, we can feel pain. Don’t think that there are some pathological liars out there that feel horrible when they hear the comments that you are writing about them. (I for one think that its funny, and i dont really care) And yes, I belive that I will probably burn in hell for this. But until then, I shall be smiling my evil little grin and crying my fake tears…lying my way easily through life. You think that it is a bad thing to be a liar. I find it wonderful. Things are so easy for me. I manipulate people to think certain things of me, others, and situations. It has been 10 years in this town, no one has ever guessed that I am lying. (most pathological liars have good enough memories to remember what they told to whom) And Honestly, I hope that there are not too many people like me. I am sinful, mean, cold hearted, maybe even souless, and I dont care at all. (I have tried therapy, but i ended up lying to the therapist…so yeah that didnt work out too well). Signed, Liar Liar

What do you think of this?

Read My Thoughts Here

Dating or Married to a Liar?

So many people come to my website because they type in the word liar, and are looking for help because they suspect, or have discovered that someone is deceiving them.

If this is you, I recommend two websites to help you understand deception in relationships. The first I have mentioned before: Truth About Deception. The second one I would like to recommend is called Both of these websites should be helpful for people who struggle with lying in a relationship.

Read is a website and a blog written by a woman, Donna Andersen, who is a freelance writer from New Jersey. She married a sociopath, and has now dedicated a fair amount of her time to write and maintain this website (and subsequent blog) about sociopaths.

Andersen explains sociopaths in depth, and furthermore, she shares with us her own personal experience with a sociopath, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for this website. Andersen provides great links, research and other personal stories and encounters from other victims of sociopaths. She even has a psychiatrist on her blog who is available for questions, and who writes posts.

Do you think you’ve ever met a sociopath (or psychopath)?

I’ve asked this question to many people, and I am amazed at the response I get. “No, and I don’t want to. ” The reality is we all have met psychopaths, but most likely didn’t know it.

Psychopaths aren’t people who are raged filled, and ready to murder the next person who walks into their trap. Instead, these people are usually exceptional manipulators who can smooth talk the best of us into weaving pieces of their intricate web of deception for them without us being any wiser.

If you haven’t checked out Donna Andersen’s website, I highly recommend it. It’s packed with very useful information, and if you are personally involved with someone who lies a lot, perhaps this information will be valuable for you. It could save you from a lot of heartache, and as Donna says, it could save your life.

Andersen also writes:

Dr. Hare (an international expert on sociopaths) estimates that 1% of the people in North America are born sociopaths. If the percentage holds true for the entire world, in a global population of 6.5 billion there are 65 million sociopaths. With so many around, everyone is bound to cross paths with them sooner or later.

I highly recommend clicking on her side bar topics like Risk Calculator, Quiz: Are you a Target, and How to Spot a Con.

It’s a fascinating read!

Life & Mind of a Hitman

Sunday night on A&E, I watched the Iceman Tapes: The Conversations with a Killer.

It was chilling.


Creepy enough to give you nightmares, to make you double-check your locks, to pull all your blinds, and to make you want to fear every man you’ve ever known!!

On the show, notorious mob hit man, Richard Kuklinski shares snippets of his mind with the audience. He answers frank questions calculatedly yet amazingly honest at times. Regardless, Kuklinski is a difficult person to read. Why? Because he is clearly a psychopath. He admits he had no guilt for all the horrific crimes he committed. He said he never thought about them nor was he ever haunted by them.

Richard Kuklinski was known to aerosolize cyanide, using a spray to kill his victims in less than a minute. He also told a story where he walked into a bar, acted drunk, spilled his drink on a guy — a drink laced with cyanide — walked away — and later heard he claimed another victim.

Kuklinski earned the title Ice Man because he froze one of his victims for two years and when he disposed of the victim, he didn’t take into account his victim needed to thaw before discovery to successfully pull off the crime. The medical examiner realized upon review that they body was still frozen — and that there was more to this murder than what met the eye.

It doesn’t take much to say that this man was deeply, deeply disturbed. He disturbed ME!

I had a realization during this show last night. I realized that psychopathic liars do feel emotions – – even though most of the time, they are neutral. I realized they only feel their own pain — and not the pain of others. When I see this, it hints at a bigger picture. It hints for me to look closer.

Psychopaths, who are capable of serious crimes, do not feel emotions for other people. While I knew that, I never connected consciously that the only emotions they feel are their own.

Murderers like Kuklinski, BTK, Scott Peterson, etc. see other people as objects and not human beings. They will treat you right — usually better than average (if you are a stranger or a friend, not the target of their obsession. They will pull out all the stops to make you believe in them, but behind their facade, you will not see any deep or true emotion.

Some psychopaths can fake emotions quite well–good enough to really make me second-guess myself. If that is the case, the only other way to uncover a psychopath like these guys is to look for inconsistencies in fact to back up your suspicions. That will be the biggest clue that something is amiss. When 1 + 1 = 4 time-and-time again — something is up. That can make for a tough investigation, though.

There are people who are safe around these crazy psychopaths. If the psychopath has deemed you IMPORTANT and SPECIAL, in the power of their world, and they don’t believe you are any threat to them emotionally or physically in any way — you will be safe. You will be lied to repeatedly, but you will be safe and unharmed. Case-in-point: The wives and children of both Kuklinksi and BTK. Both men, in a sick way, loved their family and never once imagined hurting any one of them.

The big question is just how do you know you are deemed important to a psychopath?? Of course, you can’t so you can never ever trust them! Laci Peterson and her son were a threat to Scott Peterson. Scott Peterson lost control with Laci I believe due to the expectant baby and felt his lifestyle was threatened and in the end treated her like an object and killed her.

The world of psychopaths is complex, bizarre and out right strange — if not utterly creepy.