Chase’s Telling Expression On The Bachelorette


Who caught the microexpression that Chase made when Jojo gave him the boot in the fantasy suite on Monday night?

It was very telling, fascinating and interesting to see!

Who knows what it was?

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Note: The photo above is not of the microexpression.

Brooks on The Bachelorette

Did you catch the Bachelorette last night?  Brooks breaks it off with Desiree last minute before the “Fantasy Suite” date.

The clip is interesting to watch because Brooks acts all stressed out that he is breaking Desiree’s heart, but I don’t believe it for a minute. There isn’t a scientific marker to support his emotions at all in this clip.

It was all about Brooks.

I don’t think Brooks came on the show with any intentions to settle down, get engaged or married. He was one of the sign-ups who thinks why not go and have a good time–travel the world in luxury at someone else’s expense and if I don’t get dumped, I’ll bail.  His actions clearly demonstrate this belief.

Brooks road it to the end.  He milked it for everything he could and then when he realized Desiree may pick him, he knew he had to get out.  He then tossed Desiree out last night and she never saw it coming.

While I didn’t speak of it publicly, I told Mr. Eyes on the first night o the show that guy is trouble.  He doesn’t have a facial feature that supports warmth, compassion and caring and when I saw what happened last night, I wasn’t surprised at all.  Brooks puts Brooks first.

Watch the lack of stress and sadness in Brooks face as he dumps Desiree.  He is emotionally flat and empty.  He isn’t sad, doesn’t show any empathy nor does he mirror her sadness.

Desiree on the other hand truly is heartbroken and stressed.  She has all the scientific hallmarks.

Desiree wants to fall in love so bad, she is more in love with the dream of love than the reality of her actual experiences.  Her relationships at this stage in the show are lacking and empty because she is in love with the dream, not the people she is courting.  Very sad to witness.

I talk about Jake and Vienna in SunTimes today…

I wrote a story for the Chicago Sun-Times today where I dissect the nasty breakup of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, which aired on The Bachelorette Monday night. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts.

Page 26 in print…

Front Page lead-in online:

Watch Jake and Vienna here, about 1/3 the way through the segment talk about their breakup.

The Bachlorette: Is Wes Hayden a Sociopath?

If you watched the Bachelorette this season, you got to see a cold and calculating liar working his craft. Wes was chilling, because we got to see him woo Jillian, and we got to see Jillian fall for him as he used her to accomplish his mission. He wanted to make a splash on TV and get his band on the airwaves, and he succeeded.

Wes has a grandiose sense of self, he is shameless, remorseless, and unable to form true attachments to people, yet it took Jillian almost the whole series to figure it out (though it was plain as day from the very beginning of the show, if you want my opinion).

You can watch Wes in action if you want: ABC has posted the previous shows online. How long does it take you spot that this man was anything but sincere?

Wes gives me the creeps, personally. He demonstrates many traits of a sociopath (psychopath), though I am not a professional nor can I claim he is one. But if Wes were in my world, I would steer clear of him at any and all costs. He is truly not governed by caring, compassion and normal emotions, which keep the rest of us in check from using and destroying the lives of other people.