Calling the Plumber

A week ago, today, I picked up the phone and called our local plumber who we have used before. I had left him a message the previous Thursday and since he didn’t call back, I called him one more time.

I was surprised when he answered the phone instead of his secretary at two in the afternoon. I asked him if I caught him at a bad time and he said no. I then told him we have a lot of work that we need to get done (explaining it in a little detail) and asked if he could come out and give us a quote.

He replied, “Sure. Are you going to be around this week?”

“Not this afternoon, but the Tuesday and Wednesday,” I shot back with a raised eye-brow and then a frowning, wrinkly face — getting frustrated.

“Good,” he said. “I’ll call you back then. Okay?”

Let down, I said okay and we hung up before I knew it.

My mind was bursting at the seams with emotion. He just lied to me!! He isn’t going to call me back!! He didn’t want the work for whatever reason. He doesn’t want the job, but didn’t want to tell me!!

I was pissed off. Why would he call me back later when he can arrange an appointment now? It made no sense – especially since he said it wasn’t a bad time to be calling him. It was a tactic to rid himself of the obligation!

I thought about calling him back up and saying if you don’t want the work, can you at least just tell me?! I need a plumber for Pete’s sake and I don’t care to wait around for another week on the hopes I can work with you!! Worse, I don’t know who else to call!!!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday came and I didn’t get a phone call. I always hope I am wrong, but nooo…no, I wasn’t. Damn it!!

Who is telling the truth?

I was watching the Chicago news last night. An elderly black man accidentially bumped the car in front of him. The man in the car that he tapped, got out, put a gun to the elderly man’s face and threatened him. The guy with the gun then goes back to his car, calls the police and they arrive.

The police talk to the elderly black man, and he tells them the other guy threatened him with a gun so the police handcuff the other guy. The other guy then says he is a police officer, and they then proceed to take off the handcuffs — and the off duty cop then says the elderly black man tried to run him over and succeeded in pressing charges against the elderly black man for assault. The black man then gets locked up.

The black man denies ever moving his car.

So, who is telling the truth?

On the news, they interviewed the elderly black man and his son. I am 100% confident that the black man is innocent. The way he spoke, the way he looked at the camera and the story he told was completely consistent. More than that, it is just a gut instinct. I believe him. I don’t need to hear the other half of the story to know.

The black man’s son (who is also a cop in another jurisdiction) said something interesting. He said, “A law officer who pulls a gun after a very minor traffic incident is unstable, and should be fired.”

This is so sad to see. My heart goes out to that black man and his family. You wonder if this was racially motivated. I would love to see this off-duty cop in an interview, and I’d love to hear from the cop who charged the elderly black man and locked him up. I’d love to hear their stories and basis for their actions.

Here is the story in print.

Channeling my Energy

Since I have been bursting at the seams with hopes of some how using my lie-detecting skills, I decided to do some investigation on the web.

I went to a bullet board on the web for cops — and I posted a question to them. I mentioned that I could see lies beyond what is average and would police have interest? Two traffic cops responded in a joking manner that everyone can see lies — what they need help with is getting the guilty to confess. In the mix, however, was a deputy sheriff. He told me if I could truly see lies more than average, the police would certainly be interested!

My interest was piqued. Really? Really!!

He reiterated police stations would have interest. He was a kind guy.

Then he told me to call the homicide-investigation units using their unpublished psychic hotlines! Huh?

He said that way I would get through to the people who would like to know about my skills as these hotlines typically go directly to the homicide unit and are not screened.

Isn’t that interesting??

Unpublished numbers? And how do you get those????

Psychic hotlines?

Somehow I was crushed. Forgetting about the nonsense his reply… I am not psychic and don’t ever want to be. And hey, how do I call unpublished numbers anyway?

Yeah, right. This is going well.


Well, he went on to tell me who to ask for from the main switch board. He gave me an official title within the ranks. Then he told me to tell the captains that I can provide “intuitive consulting”. That’s the big buzz word in the field today.

It sounded interesting. I checked into it. Intuitive consulting is just a fancy word for psychic and mystic people!

AHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Shoot me now, please!

I just don’t know if I have the guts to call police stations at this point — and talk about my skills. I don’t want to sound like a loony, or a nut job!! That really bothers me. I certainly won’t mention the buzz words “Intuitive Consultant” if I do. It gets under my skin!!

I’m not a flake. Really, I’m not. I’m genuine. I just have to be 100% confident in my abilities. Right now I guess I am about 75%.

So far, getting myself out there hasn’t been easy but I shall not give up!!!

Any ideas?

Touching the Void

Last night, I wasn’t feeling well so I was all snuggled in on the couch watching TV. TV usually bores me so I was less than thrilled on many accounts — however luck was on my side last night. Our local PBS channel broadcast one of the most incredible documentaries I have ever, ever seen.

It was a documentary titled Touching the Void . It was about two men who climbed the Andes Mountains in Peru back in 1985 and the trials they faced. I had no idea that man could endure to this extreme. Time after time, I was sitting on the edge of the couch, glued, unable to move — and totally taken back by one guy’s spirit. I was in awe.

If this documentary was a made into a movie instead, I would have without a doubt thought it was pure fiction. It was that incredible.

I would love to tell you all about it here, but I refuse to even attempt to tell you about it because I couldn’t possibly do it justice. It’s a movie you have to see to feel, and believe. This movie was by far the best I have seen in years and years and years.

You must watch it for yourself.

I will carry this movie with me for as long as my memory allows.

48 Hour Rape Case Review

CBS News: Eye Of The Beholder, November 19, 2004

In Orange County, California, three 17-year-old guys are accused to committing rape against a 16-year-old girl who is officially being called Jane Doe. 48 Hours starts out their report showing Jane Doe reading a poem from behind to protect her identity. You hear the girl speak sincerely. She is clearly feeling violated. Her feelings are sincere.

Photo courtesy of

Next, you see one of the accused boys, Kyle Nachreiner, answering 48 Hours interviewer, Bill Lagattuta’s questions, “Did you rape her? Or, was it consensual sex?”

Kyle clearly lies when he replies something to the fact that she really wanted it and it was consensual. That was all I needed to see to have a deep seeded feeling that Kyle was the one lying. I suspected the problems lied with the three boys.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always side with the women. Many women are motivated to lie in situations dealing with rape accusations (to gain money) — but in this case, this girl was being honest.

From that point forward, I was dying to learn the facts of the case to see if my gut reaction, my feelings of a lie, were accurate. As it turns out, I believe they were.

In my opinion, Jane Doe was a girl who was troubled and lost — and didn’t respect her body. She started hanging with the wrong crowd and lacked good judgment – there no doubt about it but when it came to the night of the alleged rape, she did not deserve what she got. She was violated.

The night before the alleged rape, the guys claimed that they discovered the following morning to their total surprise that while they partied at a pool in the backyard — they each had slept with Jane Doe at separate times — unaware that their friend(s) also had. They were shocked. When one of the guys, Greg Haidl, stated this, it was believable as strange and as contradictory as this seemed. I knew he was being honest. Weird.

What I believed happened in this situation is that these three guys felt “used” when they discovered they weren’t the only object of her affection that night. They felt violated and betrayed. And so hence they plotted to “use” her back in a very sick and twisted way — as pay back. That day after the discovery that they were each “used”, they called and invited Jane Doe back over for that evening.

One of the guys clearly states on camera that she came over and the first thing she said was “Hi. Can I have a beer?” Another lie. Yes, Jane Doe drank. She got drunk but she didn’t walk in the door and demand a beer.

Jane Doe admits to sleeping with two of the three boys the night before the rape. When she states this, for some reason I doubt her honesty about it. She seems evasive. I think she may have slept with all three of the boys as Greg Haidl said, but I am not certain.

In a deeper twist, as the story continues, you find out that the alleged crime took place at the house of Greg Haidl, whose father is the Assistant Sheriff in Orange County — second in charge in the county– while the Assistant sheriff himself was home. He was also home the night before with his wife when the boys had consensual sex with Jane Doe.

Furthermore, the boys recorded the entire event on video tape. The Assistant sheriff’s son, Greg Haidl, loved to make video movies — and according to him “someone” — one of his friends — turned on the camera that night and recorded the whole event. When he said he didn’t know who turned it on, he was clearly lying. You could see it in his face. I could feel it. He knew exactly who turned on that camera. I suspect it was him.

According to the D.A., Jane Doe is unconscious during the recording of the sexual act where the three guys have what they call “kinky sex” with the girl using not only their bodies but different objects. Since Jane Doe is supposedly unconscious in the video, it is considered rape by California state law because she wasn’t able to give consent. The big question is, did she?

The next morning, the guys drive Jane Doe home and she has no memories of what happened to her. It wasn’t until the Assistant sheriff’s son brought over his prized video tape to a friend’s house to show him — that he hung himself. He accidentally forgot to take it home with him — and another woman found it. She was appalled by what she saw and shared it with her neighbor who was a cop. The cop questioned if this woman was even alive still so formal charges were pressed against the boys. That’s when Jane Doe’s father gets a call and Jane Doe finds out.

The case went to trial and it was a mis-trial. The jury couldn’t agree if the girl was conscious enough to give consent. She had a pillow under her head which confused them and they say she kissed one of the boys. The jury deadlocked. It is now scheduled to go to court again in January 2005 which doesn’t bode well for the boys. Second trials have a statistically higher likelihood of ending in a sentence of guilty.

The Assistant sheriff’s son has since tried to commit suicide twice, and has been charged in raping another 16 year old girl (who claims this sex was consensual) — but this time he is 19 years old and she is clearly a minor (at least I suspect that is true in California). He is currently sitting in jail on suicide watch.

And Jane Doe? She’s been arrested for using meth and is now suing the Assistant sheriff’s family, the Haidl’s, who are well-to-do, for millions of dollars.

In any case, the victim isn’t a clean character — nor are the guys who raped her. Anyone can see that — which makes this case all the more difficult. It isn’t cut and dry. But clearly, to me, the guys told lie after lie after lie. All three of them. Jane Doe stretched the truth once, and perhaps lied one time though I am not certain. She seems much more believable.

Second Trial Results (March 23, 2005)