The Farmer’s Market Dupe! Again!

whitesession / Pixabay

Remember last month I wrote about my “tomato deception“?  I was finding tomatoes at farm stands that were suspicious and didn’t appear to be “farm grown”.   When I asked one place if they actually grew the tomatoes, they confessed they didn’t, but didn’t have it marked anywhere.  If you didn’t ask, you’d pay top-dollar for grocery store tomatoes.

Nasty deception!

I eventually bought tomatoes at a farm stand that said they grew them, but I could tell by their flavor after eating and cooking them, they were 100% greenhouse. I was suspicious of the smell immediately but took a risk out of desperation.  I regretted it.

After eating them, I asked my husband who drove by the location, to ask again. On the second inquiry, he was told yes, they grew up them, but they do start out in a greenhouse (cough, cough) so they can get more tomatoes.  To that I say, “Bullshit”.  They are greenhouse tomatoes and this farmer isn’t honest.

Two down out of two. Damn!

And now today, a reader of mine in Canada, who saw my post last month sent me this article about investigations into farmer’s markets in Ontario over this exact scenario!

And guess what?

Yep, exactly as I said:  Deception found in more farmer’s markets!

Many people when I first start uncovering things like this think, “Oh she’s just over-reacting. That can’t be true. I’m sure its just a miscommunication or one-time situation. It’s probably not an issue…”

I know those reactions well.

I can read them on people’s faces when they start glazing over at me.

And yes, it can make me nuts. That’s why I don’t share deceptions when they are really out there, because people think I am the one out there.  Thank you very much!

So there you have it, proof!

Seeing what I saw and reading this is happening in Canada, too,  I suspect this is a wide-spread practice now.  Farmers have learned its a profitable business for them.

Buyer beware!

Tomato Deception. Yes, seriously.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

So this weekend, with fall fast approaching in the north, I decided to go out for some farm-fresh tomatoes so I can cook them into a heavenly sauce and freeze fresh packets of summer for a long winter. I didn’t do this for a couple of years and I miss it.

I’ve noticed with our heavy rains this year, the tomatoes I’ve bought so far haven’t been the greatest. Everywhere I went, they are bruised, look beat up and just not appetizing. And the ones I ate? They were tough, and flavorless.  So I drove around to a few new places.   One farm that I entered had nice looking tomatoes for sale right out front in wooden baskets.  I figured I could work with those.   I went in to inquire about the cost of a half-a-bushel.  I was told that those wouldn’t be sold by the bushel, but they had “slicer” tomatoes in back that I could buy in bulk.

“Slicer?”  I thought that didn’t sound right.  Who grows “slicer” tomatoes?  I hadn’t heard of that before.

I went back and looked at the ones they wouldn’t sell me and I noticed the boxes they were sitting in were professionally printed boxes that had the correct name for each type they contained. That seemed odd.  I then went back inside and when I questioned the girl if they were grown on their farm, she told me no, they bought these tomatoes.

A FARM bought their tomatoes.

Hello!  I feel like I am living in an alternate reality sometimes. How does that make sense???

I was shocked.  I’m in farm fields for miles and miles and I want to buy tomatoes and they aren’t growing them. They are buying them!!  And its profitable for them to sell them?   Well, of course, it is!  They are selling them as if they were homegrown when they aren’t. I can guarantee dozens and dozens of unsuspecting customers paid for “farm” grown tomatoes and got greenhouse.

Just wow.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Next time you think you are getting farm-fresh — you might want to ask first where it was grown. I certainly will going forward!

Sean Spicer “Equally Involved”

I was watching TV last night when Sean Spicer’s press conference was discussed from earlier in the day.  When they posted the text of what he said, I about fell off my chair!

Can you see why?  I will share my thoughts in the comment section in the coming days.

Liars never realize their subconscious slips speak so loud and reveal so much.




President Trump: “I faced great pressure…”

heblo / Pixabay

Trump made a very telling statement this week. Did you catch it?

He said in discussions about firing Comey to the Russians, “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” (Source)

Hmmm…. did you think about that?

He faced great pressure.

How does that work if you are not involved with Russia with any corrupt dealings?

If you are honest and not involved in any Russian entanglements, you would find any accusation laughable and baseless. There would be no pressure. It would actually be entertaining because you’d have nothing to fear.  You’d know you are in the right. You’d shrug it off knowing the truth will come out and you’d likely not give it a second thought.

BUT…if you are a liar and have a lot to hide, you’d have pressure. Lots of it!

Firing Comey was a short term release on a much bigger pressure cooker. It’s only just getting started!

Liars leak big clues, you just have to pay close attention.



Be Warned: Fake Kidnapping Scam

Law enforcement is warning people nationally about a scam that is happening across the U.S. A person calls and tells you that your loved one has been kidnapped, and instructs you to get money or your loved one dies with a bullet to the head! Then they get you to drive your car all over town to wire money promising you this will ensure the safe return of your loved one. They don’t allow you time to get off your phone and call your loved one or anyone else!

Worse, as seen in the scam above, they have gotten both parents involved.

Don’t think because you don’t have little children that this can’t happen to you. It’s happening to parents of college-age children, and children in their twenties.

When I search the news, I am seeing cases from coast-to-coast being reported on by major news networks. This California station gives you information from the FBI on what to do should you get a call like this! It’s a helpful article.

These criminals are playing on people’s emotions. And I’ve always said when people are emotional, their ability to spot the truth plummets dramatically. It’s when people are emotional that they will do things that they normally wouldn’t do and criminals are harnessing that human frailty.