Steve Bannon: My Thoughts

Here are some quick thoughts I had about Steve Bannon watching his 60 Minute interview:

  1.  I do believe Bannon doesn’t care about the GOP or the democrats.  That’s the truth.  I’ve been saying that to my readers on FB for months about Trump. Both only care about their own self-serving interests.
  2. Trump and Bannon share a LOT in common in how they approach life, but aren’t always on the same page with their ideas, beliefs, etc. Bannon has his own ideas, Trump follows everyone who makes him feel good. Bannon knows this.
  3. Bannon knows how to play Trump for his gain.
  4. I do believe Bannon wants to support Trump outside the White House for various reasons:
    •   He is not a guy who conforms and the White House was too much pressure
    •   He went crazy watching Trump swim around aimlessly. He feels he has more power to influence his agenda by leaving
    •   Bannon knows if he plays Trump right, he will have Trumps ear and he craves that power — hence the loyalty statement
  5.  Bannon convinces himself that his beliefs and feelings are correct, regardless of fact, much like Trump. I call it delusional.
  6.  He knows how to say a few things to get people’s ear and then twist them around to get what he wants. He’s good at manipulation.
  7.  When Bannon says he and Trump are street fighters, what Bannon means is that they don’t play fair, they don’t care about ethics, they will play you to the death match to win–these two don’t back down, don’t have fear and know how to push people to their limit to win. They care about what they want and nothing else.  Both men would have no problem taking you for all you have. If you’re that dumb, they would reason and tell you that it’s YOUR PROBLEM, no theirs.

Final word?  Chilling.

Tomato Deception. Yes, seriously.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

So this weekend, with fall fast approaching in the north, I decided to go out for some farm-fresh tomatoes so I can cook them into a heavenly sauce and freeze fresh packets of summer for a long winter. I didn’t do this for a couple of years and I miss it.

I’ve noticed with our heavy rains this year, the tomatoes I’ve bought so far haven’t been the greatest. Everywhere I went, they are bruised, look beat up and just not appetizing. And the ones I ate? They were tough, and flavorless.  So I drove around to a few new places.   One farm that I entered had nice looking tomatoes for sale right out front in wooden baskets.  I figured I could work with those.   I went in to inquire about the cost of a half-a-bushel.  I was told that those wouldn’t be sold by the bushel, but they had “slicer” tomatoes in back that I could buy in bulk.

“Slicer?”  I thought that didn’t sound right.  Who grows “slicer” tomatoes?  I hadn’t heard of that before.

I went back and looked at the ones they wouldn’t sell me and I noticed the boxes they were sitting in were professionally printed boxes that had the correct name for each type they contained. That seemed odd.  I then went back inside and when I questioned the girl if they were grown on their farm, she told me no, they bought these tomatoes.

A FARM bought their tomatoes.

Hello!  I feel like I am living in an alternate reality sometimes. How does that make sense???

I was shocked.  I’m in farm fields for miles and miles and I want to buy tomatoes and they aren’t growing them. They are buying them!!  And its profitable for them to sell them?   Well, of course, it is!  They are selling them as if they were homegrown when they aren’t. I can guarantee dozens and dozens of unsuspecting customers paid for “farm” grown tomatoes and got greenhouse.

Just wow.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Next time you think you are getting farm-fresh — you might want to ask first where it was grown. I certainly will going forward!

Equifax Breaches 143M, refuses free freeze

stevepb / Pixabay

If you haven’t heard about the 143 million people who had data breached by Equifax this year, you might want to know about it.  It’s a hot topic in the news today.

You may be one of those affected.  I entered in my information and I am one of the unlucky 143 million people.

Be warned, however, if you check to see if you are one of the unlucky ones, news websites are saying that you will have agreed to their fine print which says you cannot sue them–that you agree to arbitration.

Read this: If you want help from Equifax, there are strings attached, and By signing up on Equifax’s help site, you risk giving up your legal rights

I called Equifax because I am one of their victims and I asked for a credit freeze. That sounds like a reasonable option to me considering what they’ve done, right?

I mean it says online that they will give you this at no charge if you are a victim of identity theft, your credit card has been stolen, etc. Considering they breached my data, my request doesn’t seem reasonable, right?

What does Equifax say to me?

Equifax wants me to give them $10 for the service after screwing up and not protecting my data!

Am I losing my mind or is that insane?

The idea I have to give the company who screwed me over money to protect myself seems ludicrous to me, without question.  I cannot say I said polite words when I hung up.

What are you going to do? Are you one of the lucky 143 million?

Beauty/Cosmetic/Hygiene Product Deception

Pexels / Pixabay

In the past two weeks, I have never had more amazing skin and hair in my life—bar none. I happened to stumbled on to some information on Pinterest that has changed my life for the better, stopped years of suffering for me with regards to my skin and hair, and yet it makes me furious at the same time. I feel like I’ve been lied to, used, cheated and duped because of greed by the beauty/cosmetic/hygiene world!! And I will never go back to what I did before. Ever again!

What am I talking about?

I read about a hair care approach, which I will explain further down, that told me to avoid all sulfates in shampoos, to eliminate all silicones (they have many names–see below) in my products (they are in everything you own that touches your body from shampoos to conditioners, lotions, gels, hair products, make-up, sunscreen, etc), as well as petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin/waxes, and drying alcohols.

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? I don’t think you’ve ever craved those on your body before, have you? But oh boy, you are using them like crazy and probably didn’t even know it!

Sulfates are harsh cleaners in your shampoo that are required to strip away silicones that are in dang near every product you likely use. And I can guarantee you are putting silicone on your hair and body almost daily, probably in multiple layers, if you buy 98% of the products on the market today. And you’ve always wanted silicone on your skin and hair, right?

Silicone is a water-resistant, rubber-like ingredient that adds no moisture to your hair whatsoever. It’s used to give products a silky-smooth texture so it glides on easier, and it coats your skin and hair to give a quick-fix, but offers nothing long-term. It builds-up layer-by-layer, too, which can cause unruly, frizzy hair or an oily, itchy scalp (and for some acne).

Seriously, go find some silicone and try to wash it off your hands. You’ll never touch the stuff again!

And even worse, you know that soap scum ring you get in your tub? It’s not soap-scum. No, it’s silicone.   I was horrified at the realization after getting rid of these products. My tub is sparkling clean now after I’m done!

Companies are putting more and more silicone in our products each year. Some products will have 2, 3 and even 4 different forms of silicone in them! You could be put many layers on a day and not even realize it! Isn’t that crazy?

Sulfates, on the other hand, need to be extremely harsh to strip away the silicones on your hair and skin, and in the process, it damages them. Without silicones, you can use a much milder cleanser that won’t strip your body bare, and cause nasty side effects!

The truth is sulfates and silicones, petroleum, mineral oils and alcohol in your care products aren’t helping you. They are helping the businesses that sell to you.

If you are like me, you keep trying new product after new product thinking you’ll finally find the one that works for you, right? And it never happens. You might find something that works for a few days or a week and then you are back where you started. You probably switch between groups of products to stay sane. It’s really the only thing that will keep you going half-normal.

Even if you go organic , the products won’t work for you because you’ll be so coated with silicones–nothing be able to penetrate let alone remove them! You will stay stuck in a thick silicone vicious cycle, keeping-them-rich marketing scheme that doesn’t help you any.  That’s why I am livid.

If you remove these ingredients from your care line, you will suddenly get to experience products that actually work like they are supposed to! They do what they say they will. It’s SHOCKING!

Suddenly, moisturizers work, your hair and body feel clean like you’ve never experienced before. I actually believe those products promote some unhealthy smells!  Your skin and hair can breath. I never felt the wind on my scalp before trying this method and I did for the first time.  And mind you I have thick, thick hair!

For me, my body craved moisture–skin and hair—and I suffered from intense dryness. And guess what? It’s all gone and started to improve dramatically after 24 hours of eliminating these products! It’s that simple of fix and they tell me over the next two months, the improvements will still continue as my skin and hair get nourished appropriately.

So the hair care method I found was called Curly Girl. Hold on – I know many of you don’t have curly hair!! And you don’t have to have it! It should be called “healthy skin and hair method” for everyone!

The woman who developed this method, Lorraine Massey, was catering to the needs to women who dealt with frizzy and dry hair that was unruly—that’s probably 60% of women. But I can tell you, my husband who has military-short hair saw what this did for me, and decided to try it on my request.  His hair, which was always oily and dull and standing up, came out amazing! He went back to the old stuff after a trial run, and couldn’t take more than two days before he asked me what exactly he needed to do again. He’s now hooked too! His hair now shines like gold and behaves like it never has!  I believe you can restore your hair to what it was like in its youth, I kid you not!

Here is the list of ingredients to cut out of our hair, skin and cosmetics, if you are interested. BTW, the curly girl method only says to do this for your hair.  I can’t see using this garbage on my face or skin either, so I gave it up there too–with equally amazing results.

Here is one of the videos that inspired me below. This girl is following the curly girl method (which takes a few more steps than I’ve described above)—but watch how amazing your hair becomes in this video.  Search google for more amazing curly girl before and after videos!

And this is my hair after the first 24 and 48 hours. You can see the changes immediately even with different lighting and my hair not being fully dry. Look at the shine and definition starting to show!

And now 10 days in, I have a full head of curls like I have never had before, and really conditioned skin and hair, and oddly no oily build-up which I got even with my extremely dry hair. Go figure! I have eliminated all of it! This is me on day 5 (my hair is even curlier today a few more days out):

I’m in heaven.

Here are some products to get you started (price has no bearing on quality). And here are some more (always double-check ingredients). Many can be found at Target, Meijer, Amazon, and Walmart.

Let me know if you try this and what you think!

P.S.  This is not an infomercial. I gain nothing by sharing this information with you.  I am just THAT ELATED by my experience and I just wanted to share the magic with you, too!

Jimmy Fallon’s Response to Trump

I love Jimmy Fallon’s response to President Trump and the state of our country right now. He speaks so authentically.

You probably feel it from his heart-felt speech that he was sincere. But even more fascinating is that he makes microexpressions of disgust and anger that cannot be denied and support his speech.

Did you catch them?

Thank you, Jimmy, for saying what you said. I couldn’t agree more.