Sean Spicer “Equally Involved”

I was watching TV last night when Sean Spicer’s press conference was discussed from earlier in the day.  When they posted the text of what he said, I about fell off my chair!

Can you see why?  I will share my thoughts in the comment section in the coming days.

Liars never realize their subconscious slips speak so loud and reveal so much.




Family of Thieves (20/20)

Did you catch 20/20 this past weekend?  The show featured the story of the criminal Cabello family as they stole nearly $4 million in orchestrated bank-related heists.

Archie Cabello found a life of a crime was lucrative for him because he was able to out-smart the system time-and-time again, but finally after decades, the law caught up with him.

If you haven’t watched the story, I highly recommend it. It’s fascinating.


In thinking about the whole story, a few thoughts ran through my mind, one of which was:  Do you really think Archie’s family turned on him?

Or was it part of his intelligent genius to have his family “save themselves” from a life of prison by talking and pointing the finger at him?

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate con gaming the system one last time?

Archie was certainly smart enough to save his wife and son, don’t you think?

I think they put on a big game in their dislike for one another, and what flagged me to this was the fact that Vincent, who supposedly turned Archie in (after the cops discovered their 100 credit cards) wouldn’t speak to the media about how “wronged he was” by his father.  If you are willing to go to the police and turn your father in, you’d be willing to talk about it. But Vincent had no interest. Neither did his wife.

It makes you go “Hmmm….”

Furthermore, I was surprised that the banks never hired a private investigator to put surveillance on the Cabello family to recover their money.  I mean why not pay someone to follow them 24/7?  It would be pennies compared to their losses.  The Cabellos had to get money from somewhere and they should have been easily able to track where the loot was, right?  The Cabellos did put a large portion of their money in a safe at a company after all. Archie and the family rarely worked so they had to get money from somewhere.  It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

They still have $1.8M unaccounted for, and you know Vincent and Archie’s wife will have to access it at some point.

Surgeons Reveal Truth: Must Read!

skeeze / Pixabay

In my reading this morning, I found a great article that divulges the truth about many elements regarding surgery that you are unlikely to ever hear or read anywhere else again. These are true confessions from surgeons–directly.

Some of the elements I, myself, have personally discovered through experience, and thankfully didn’t get hurt because I caught the lies. In one situation, a doctor recommended an organ-removal surgery. She tried to scare me that I had a strong potential for cancer, which couldn’t be determined until after the surgery, and if I was her family member, she would schedule me immediately.

It was only after I got a second opinion, and did my homework that I was able to put the pieces together that this doctor was unskilled to do a less dramatic surgery because it was way more complex. It was scary to think that she was willing to take dramatic steps on my body that could have life-long side affects due to her lack of skill and know-how! And this doctor was rated very highly. It blew me away.

If you have 10 minutes to spare today, this is one article I can’t recommend strong enough that you read. I found it to be very true, very honest and revealing about what your surgeon is likely not going to tell you, but YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Here are some of the advice from this article, but don’t stop here–they explain each piece! There is so much more you can learn and it could possibly save you or your loved one’s life one day:

  • If your primary care doctor recommends another doctor, don’t assume it is because he or she is good
  • Some surgeons will not recommend procedures they don’t know how to do (as I stated above)
  • When going into surgery, do you know who your anesthesiologist will be? You should!
  • Mistakes are more common than you think

There are 50 tips in this article–don’t stop here!

Education is a vital tool in exposing liars. Liars hate educated people–take it from me. I know.

What do you think is the biggest myth BELIEVED in spotting liars?

There are many myths to spotting lies that are believed — from liars look up and to the right when they fib, or that they can’t look you in the eye.  Another one is liars are nervous, as if honest people being questioned wouldn’t be.

None of these are true.

What are some things you’ve heard people say they believe reveals a liar but you know are not true?

The myths perpetuated in the media, online, and on TV are everywhere.

What Clues Reveal A Liar?

websiteMany people assume when they see my nickname of “Eyes For Lies” that I teach people about how the eyes reveal lies. I do not teach nor do I believe that our eyes reveal lies. As an expert in spotting deception and understanding human behavior identified in a world renowned scientific study, I rely on different clues than most people are familiar with. I believe that in order to be good at spotting deception you have to understand people first and foremost.

When I teach my class, the first morning, I ask participants to articulate what markers on the human face reveal that a person is truly feeling happiness rather than faking it? Or what are the markers that reveal someone is truly sad versus putting on an act?

Would you be surprised to hear that less than 5% of people—including deception detection professionals—can accurately define the markers on the face that identify genuine emotion? It surprises me because this is fundamental requirement to understanding people.

It is highly important to understand emotions, and be able to identify genuine and fake emotions in seconds, if you want to get to the truth and quickly. This essential information.

One myth many participants believe is that people can use emotions to manipulate other people, but this is only true if you don’t understand the science behind emotional expression. Once you understand the science, no one can manipulate you using emotions again.  You will see right through them.  Emotional understanding on the scientific level is that powerful.

People also display hidden emotions that most people don’t see, but you don’t know what you don’t see, right?  Getting keyed into this information is also important.

A person can try to conceal how they feel, but their face will leak it out in as short as 1/25th of a second at times. I see these and so does a small percentage of our population. But 85% of the population do not see these hidden emotions without training. These are a fascinating topic in and of themselves.

I introduce participants in my class to all in these elements before lunch on the first day of my three day course.

So, you see, the truth is written all over our face, it’s just few people know what to look for.

Once you understand the science of emotions, and can confidentially and quickly (within seconds) articulate what emotion a person is feeling as well as identify if its genuine or fake, you are ready to move into understanding human behavior on a deeper level.

Human behavior is very complex. Each move we make, every word we chose, each behavior we display reveals information.

When a liar is trying to balance the truth from the lie, they become cognitively overloaded, and that weakness causes liars to leak many subconscious clues that reveal the truth. These clues are the most reliable clues simply because they cannot be controlled or manipulated. A liar literally betrays himself, and that’s what I expose and teach in my three day class.

If you are interested in my training, my next course date is March 14-16, 2016, in Milwaukee at the Hilton Garden Inn by the airport. Click here for more information.